How Do I Make My Life As It Was Before

Posted by: Tue, Jan 29, 2013
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I am going through some life changes and I don’t know who to turned to. I have lost everything I have ever owned but still have some minor things. I have no place to live and no one to turn to. I recently tried to take my life because I was sick of everything going on in my life. I stay in hospital for about 2 weeks. I decided to try and reconnect to my family to see if I could get some peace.

My uncle offered me a place to stay so I took him up on his offer. When I arrived he told me not to ask him for ride to anywhere. He told that he is only going to keep roof over my head and that’s it oh and maybe some food in my stomach. I started looking for work right away constantly putting out apps and resume. Now I am new to this city and knows nothing about it. So when I would ask him where a place was or a street he would say look it up. Then he would say you better use the bus to get there. I had to pass on a couple of jobs cause I did not have transportation to get there.

I finally had found a job that was pretty close but the bus system did not come out that way too often. I had to beg him to please help me out so I can work. Well he finally agreed but made demands on me that I must pay him to take me back and forth and pay for any repairs to his car. So not soon after I got the job we get into a fight about me not cleaning his bathroom and me snoring to loud preventing him from studying. I was so mad I finally spoke my mind and told him how I felt.

He does not work all he does is go to school. I clean every part of the house except the bathroom I told him he can clean his own bathroom I clean up behind myself so can you. This man barely buys enough food for me to eat but I never complain. This man have me suffer in the heat sleep on a hard couch and I never complained. This man told me that he is tired of helping people who just take from him. I have never ask this man for anything I never ask to come live with him. He offered and at the time I thought this god lending me a hand. Now I see it as the devil making life worst for me.

I called my grandfather and he came and picked me up he tried to help me find a place to live but because I had broken my lease because I could not afford my rent any more. they list it on my credit as failure to pay after I explained the situation to them. So my grandfather rented me a hotel room for me to stay in and left. So I’ve been living day by day trying to keep myself feed off 80 dollars for two weeks sometimes I’m lucky and have a little more left in my check. The money I do have coming I use it to rent a hotel room so I can be somewhat presentable at work.

The place I work under pays all its workers and barely maintain its facility. The DON is a rude person who denies to give anyone a raise. They refused to pay us any holiday pay or give vacations. This company also steal money out of our paychecks. They do this by changing our time. They don’t care how much you try to keep this place running or how you give up your time to help out. The unit manager is a very lazy person does not do what she is supposed to do and pass on her work to everyone else. When you try to complain to the DON she always has something smart to say. She never corrects the unit manager but wants to always blame the employees for their mistake. So pretty much life is not getting any better for me and I’m just tired of it. I feel like I am at the end of my rope. I don’t want to hear keep your head things will get better because things are not getting better. I just would like answer on how to fix my life to make it like it once was.

Should DNA Evidence Change Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Posted by: Thu, Sep 15, 2011

The question of whether DNA evidence should change the way we look at innocent until proven guilty has been heavily on my mind. We’ve always been taught that a person deserves a fair trial among a jury of their peers to face the charges they are accused of…a fair justice system.

Criminal DNA evidenceThe introduction of DNA evidence over 20 years ago has changed the playing field when it comes to convicting or exonerating a person of a crime. Since DNA is unique to each person it’s hard to dispute the results of the test.

Although there can be a defense to DNA evidence such as mishandling or performing the test wrong it’s hard to refute the test results. If the justice system put in place a structured, secured method of testing and handling DNA evidence it could save taxpayers millions by shortening the trial process.

DNA Evidence = Guilty

How can you dispute that fact when a prosecutor holds off on an arrest for a murder until they received the test results? This is exactly what happened in a local case involving a police office that was on duty when he strangled a young woman who was due to have his baby within weeks.

Saginaw County Prosecutor, Mike Thomas tells a local reporter as soon as they received a positive match on the DNA test results they immediately acted by arresting Buena Vista Police Officer Kevin Bluew. Bluew who is married, is accused of killing his girlfriend who was 37 weeks pregnant with his baby at a local police gun range while on duty. The beautiful life of Jenny Webb and her unborn baby boy was cut short and the evidence obviously shows Officer Bluew was involved.

Why should the family of Jenny be put through the rigors of a trial? Why should Michigan taxpayers fit the bill for this guy to have a “fair” trial? If the DNA evidence proves positive, let a judge review it, approve it and lock the guy up!

DNA Evidence = Innocent

DNA evidence is a solid way to get a conviction but it’s also a solid way to reverse or eliminate a conviction. The Innocence Project is proof of that. They state:

There have been 273 post-conviction DNA exonerations in United States history.

The facts presented on the website showing innocent people being exonerated with DNA evidence are staggering. If this evidence is solid, then the question is raised again…why are we still holding jury trials when there is undisputed DNA evidence?

Consider the conviction of Cornelius Dupree which was overturned in Texas and Dupree was exonerated of a rape and robbery he did not commit. Cornelius served 30 years in prison before the evidence set him free again proofing how powerful this evidence is. This man spent 30 years of his life behind bars for a crime he did not commit not to mention the hoards of wasted money housing and prosecuting an innocent man.

This leaves us with one question….

Should DNA Evidence Change Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

Middle Child Syndrome

Posted by: Tue, Sep 6, 2011
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I help my family to the max. Whatever they need done I do it. Grandma hurt her back and had to have surgery I nursed her back to health. My mom needs money or clothes even a handyman I’m the female she calls. My older sister needs food and a babysitter I’m at the store with my niece and nephew.

I’m a single Mom with no car but i manage to help, but every time i need help they’re never there. My sister makes twice as much as me but i buy her food every month while she buys her boyfriend video games. I do so much for my mom and she gives it back to my younger brother who doesn’t work and can’t even get up to mow the lawn. All they do for me is a long lecture.

I asked for help paying for my sons glasses for school to loan me the money for two weeks. My mom said no she just got threw paying $600 on my sisters car which would have been fine if they weren’t getting manicures and pedicures while they were on the phone with me. I believe you should be able to depend on family if no one else but i see I can’t

It was supposed to be an awesome comeback

Posted by: Thu, Jun 9, 2011

I’ve been in Perth for the last 4 months, getting my degree such that I could pursue jobs with better prospects. During this 4 months, I was involved in a Long Distance Relationship which had gone one smoothly until the end of the 3rd month. My girlfriend at this time had found herself a new group of friends who were able to keep up and preoccupy her most of the time resulting in us growing apart. However, during this one month, I kept strong, continuing to tell her how much I missed her and loved her. I still continued to sing her songs and record them, continued to take pictures of my daily life and keep her in the loop what was going on. While she grew colder and colder, I fought to keep the fire going, reasoning that I had no cause to raise a stink because I only had less than a month in Perth before I returned.

To keep my girlfriend excited, I made plans for us, and told her of things I would like for both of us to be able to do. I went as far as to take massage lessons to help her soothe her bad back when I got back and was able to spend more time with her. In a way, for my return, I wanted to be an awesome comeback in every aspect of my life, both socially and romantically.

However, 3 days after I returned, we broke up, her saying that her feelings had faded into nothingness. I tried hard to take things calmly of course, but in a way, I was so angry because we only had a month to go before she decided she didn’t love me anymore. Nothing I did in the last month mattered. Not the presents and flowers I sent her, not the songs I wrote for her, not the letters and poems I poured my soul into.

During my final month in Australia, the maid that my family had hired had robbed us, stealing one of my credit cards I did not bring to Perth. Although she had been caught, one of my bank accounts would have to be frozen for a term of two months for investigation before I could spend again. This was my main account I used to do all my bills and for entertainment purposes. Now, with a stinging heartbreak and an intense need to find a way to quell it, I find myself now financially handicapped for the next two months. I have fallen out of love and in a way, I have no outlet to vent my anger and frustrations.

Goddammit Perth.

TXU Energy Overcharged me and won’t correct it Dallas, Texas

Posted by: Fri, Jun 3, 2011

I started my service with TXU Energy in Jan of 2011 when I moved to the Houston TX area. I was not even in the house for 6 days of the billing cycle. We didn’t have the air, heat or any unusual amount of appliances going etc. They charged me over $300 for my first bill and said that I used almost 3000 kwh of electricity. This is NOT possible. I called to find out what was going on and got the run around and was advised that they would call me back to have someone look at the meter but that there wouldn’t be much they could do until I had more bills to compare it to.

I paid my bill and continue to pay them. I NEVER got that call. Well now that I have had more bills for them to compare the first to, I have had the ac running 24/7 for the last 2 months, and my electric bill hasn’t even come close to that first reading. For the month of March it was 1300 kwh, April was 1500 kwh, and my most current bill is just under 200 kwh. So I called again over a week ago was transferred a bunch of times and was promised a call back to get this resolved after threatening to do what I am doing now along with contacting the BBB and the local news.

Again, I never got that call back. So, I called today spent almost an hour on the phone and was again transferred a few times and finally got to Ruth 79223 in the office of the CEO (a fancy title to hopefully shut me up and think they are going to help me) and she tried to tell me that it was very cold in Jan and that is probably why my bill was so high. I then explained to her that I didn’t even move into the house until Jan 27th. She then said she was going to contact the people who read the meter and have them advise her what to do and call me back.

She has since called me back (a first!) and advised that there is nothing they can do and it has to be due to the cold weather that Houston had for a week in Jan. I am horrified by this. I guess they think I am just some dumb consumer who is just going to pay the bill no matter what the amount well they are WRONG I read my bills and pay attention. They have ripped me off and aren’t willing to do the right thing and admit their mistake and I can’t understand this. It is infuriating. I am also going to file on the BBB website and contact the local news. Thank goodness I didn’t sign a contract with them because I will also be getting my electric service thru another provider.