A Bad Case Of Road Rage

Posted by: Wed, Dec 12, 2007
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   I get a bad case of road rage Monday thru Friday between the times of 6:45 – 7:05 am. This is when I drive my son to school which is only four blocks from our house. This is also the time of day when my oldest son was hit and killed on his way to school, hence why I now drive my other son. Granted the speed limit on this five lane highway is 45 Mph, but 90% of the people that travel that four block stretch know there is a school on the left hand side off the highway. Driving

     I see all kinds of people driving like a bat out of hell to get where they are going. Even other parents that are dropping off their children whip around me to get there faster. This time of year it is dark and the roads tend to be slippery why do these people not slow down. They see kids walking in the vicinity and yet they drive like lunatics to what get there a mere few minutes earlier. To everyone out there that drives between the hours of 6:00-9:00 am remember there may be a school in the area, SLOW DOWN!

We tried to get the speed limit changed and school signs posted on that stretch of highway, but we were rejected. That will be another blog post on another day so be sure and check back.

Another Bad Case of Road Rage …..

This video is displayed on YouTube under the user TheHeathenTrucker. His video is a great rant about road rage.

This is his description of the video:

I just felt like doing a rant about a driver that pissed me off today.At one point in the video I mention how much weight I’m carrying. Note that’s only the weight of the freight and doesn’t include the truck or trailer’s weight. After scaling the load my gross weight was 79,020

Warning: This video contains graphic language

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One Response to “A Bad Case Of Road Rage”

  1. Amanda Paquette says:

    Dec. 26, 2007

    I am not a trucker of course, however I completely understand the frustration that this causes you. I am a driver on a little tiny car and although it is easier for me to stop and slow down than it is for you in a semi, I can’t stand when people are so stupid about driving. Lets not take sunday drives all week long ok. And on top of that, figure out what lane you want to drive in. When driving it seems to always be one extreme or the other, eaither people are driving like mainiacs to get to the next red stop light or they don’t want to drive at all. It’s rediculous. Lets remember that we are driving vehicles not bycicles. This is why so many people get into rediculous accidents that could be prevented. Last but not least, jackasses, when there is snow on the ground remember that your four wheel drive may go faster and keep traction while driving but you are not going to stop any better than my little front wheel drive vehicle, and so slow your ass down. If you hit my little car that you pass so quickly then you will kill ma and whoever is in the car with me because you where in such a hurry to get no where. We all know how long it takes to get to our destination. Leave early if you have to. Saftey should always come first. A cute little joke my newphew told me that isn’t too far off really. 98% of people when driving and going into a ditch say holy shit. Then other 2% are from Michigan and they say hold my beer and watch this. Prettt cute huh? Well slow the hell down and think before you get into that great SUV that you bought. Think about other people for one moment while you race around in your life going no where. If you end up in Jail for killing someone think about how fast you are going to get to your destination then. Not to mention the family that will lose someone because of your stupidity.

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