A True Tribute To Mothers Everywhere

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This is a happy post to honor all Mothers and Single Fathers (we’ll call them mathers 🙂 ). An intriguing headline this morning on Fox news reads: She’s Worth Every Penny it’s wonderful story about mothers (stay at home and working) that says if “paid” an actual salary we would make $117,000 a year! The tough part was the hours….

Salary.com did an accurate study of the amount of hours an average mother puts in. A whopping 94.5 hours a week! That equals 13.5 hours a day, which in my house the hours are a few more than that. Anyway…it’s pretty fair. So I sat down to figure out how much that would be an hour…..

Broke down into hourly rates – (union pay rules…..every mom runs her own union) 🙂Happy Mothers Day

• $17.50 an hour for 40.5 regular hours (which are put in by Wednesday) = $ 708.75
• $ 26.25 an hour for 40.5 overtime hours (Thursday – Saturday) = $ 1063.13
• $ 35.00 an hours for 13.5 double time hours (Sunday) = $ 472.50
• Grand Total of $ 2244.38 a week or $ 116,707.76

Close enough for me. I am impressed that they gave mothers that much credit although we deserve a lot more. Remember that does not include those on call hours in the middle of the night when the kids wake up sick or have a nightmare. There are no true benefits per say, but the smile at the breakfast table in the morning makes it all worth it.

The forced on the job training prepares the average mom for all the positions listed below:
These are just to name a few….

Happy Mothers Day• Housekeeper/Maintenance Personnel
• Cook
• Psychologist
• Teacher
• Accountant
• Manager

As Mothers Day approaches remember to give your mom the credit she deserves. She has worked hard through the years not for money, but for the satisfaction that you were happy, healthy and responsible.

To all Mothers and Mathers out there Happy Mothers Day!

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