Acceptance Will Bring Peace

Posted by: Sun, Jun 7, 2009
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acceptance of peopleI have held my tongue about this long enough. Why is it that people in this country can’t accept others as themselves?

I am talking about the Gay Marriage debate. Everyday you can find some type of headline in the news about legalizing or not to legalizing gay marriage. Search “legalize gay marriage” in Google News for the past week, you will be faced with 23,099 entries.

It seems this country should spend it’s time and money on what is really important “The People”! Whether those people are straight, gay, black, white or alien….WHO CARES we are all PEOPLE!

What gets me is that the religious sector of the population appears to be the biggest supporters of not legalizing gay marriage. Aren’t they the ones that say we are all Gods children and Jesus loves us all regardless? I also thought that the Bible states “Thou Shall Not Judge”.

Yeah, you could throw some other interpretation at me about the Bible and God not allowing homosexuality, but that is just a bunch of BULL!

Did you frown on the gay person you were standing next to in line yesterday, you know the one don’t you? No you probably don’t because they are people just like you & I.

They deserve to be happy with the one they love not the one we as people tell them they should love. They deserve to get health benefits for each other just like straight married couples and they deserve to file Married Filing Jointly on their taxes if they choose. Not to mention retirement and death benefits. There are many things that “married” couples share and it is just plain not right to keep people form those benefits because you don’t agree with who they are marrying.

WHY would it bother you if two people that loved each other committed to spending their lives together?

Acceptance of people as a whole will help bring this peace to this country in more ways than one.

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2 Responses to “Acceptance Will Bring Peace”

  1. unknown says:

    Jun. 8, 2009

    LET FREEDOM RING!!!!! i remember reading about that in school. and i have been out for a long time..I have heard that gays and spot out another gay person. maybe that is the problem. are you afraid. of being touch or bumped or maybe even get a hug. you just do not know. there all the rights that anyone has. you really do have some smart,kind,loving,caring,repectful, shell i go on….you yes you could have some that are not. but fewer then you think… i said LET FREEDOM RING WE ALL HAVE THE RING TO BE HAPPY AND BE LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Steve says:

    Jul. 12, 2009

    If the neocons are really serious about defending the holy sacrament of marriage, they should first required marriage before giving welfare to unmarried ladies, then they should OUTLAW DIVORCE!

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