Amazing How Life Can Change in a Week

Posted by: Fri, Apr 11, 2008
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It is utterly amazing how life can just throw things at you that you never expected. I had planned for Monday morning to do a passionate article about a fantastic organization called Kids and Cars where their mission is to assure NO child dies or is injured in non-traffic, motor vehicle related event. As you can see that did not happen, but I will doing the article this weekend, because it means a lot to us to spread their message.
I took on some freelance work at the end of last week and although it isn’t much I let greed get the best of me and worked on that as much as possible. You see this was the first “real” paying job that I obtained online and could do from my office at home, something I have been trying to do for years. I was sure I could effectively manage my time between Boiled Over and my “paying” job. Well, that didn’t happen, on Monday afternoon I received a call from a recruiter looking for a technician to do a one time job on Tuesday night. The pay was good, the hours were at night, and the job was only 10 minutes from my house, after reviewing the “installation guide” this company wanted me to follow, I took the offer. To make a long story short, I was suppose to get home around 1:30 am (Wednesday morning), I did not get home until 4:30 am. By then Chad was awake for work and the kids had to get up in less than 2 hours, no sleep for me until 8:30 am. UGGHH, it’s only Wednesday. Oh yeah, the kids were on the Parent Teacher Conference schedule, so only a half day at school and I had to conferences to attend during the week. (one being on Wednesday) I knew I could not look at the computer again until Thursday, and I was 10 hours behind on my “paying” job.

It’s now Friday morning, where did the week go? It has been crazy for me, yet I am considering doing the same next week, minus the parent teacher conferences. 🙂 The recruiter offered me another install for next Thursday, I can work as many hours as I want in my “paying” job and we could use the extra money. I can’t believe that I am actually bringing in a real paycheck without working for a crappy corporate company.
boiled over
Yet, a huge sadness fills my heart, the sadness of missing Boiled Over and all our blogging friends we have met. My new goal is to find a way to manage all of this life change without going insane. I am going to start by writing the article about Kids and Cars for Monday morning.

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2 Responses to “Amazing How Life Can Change in a Week”

  1. DruU says:

    Apr. 11, 2008

    Life, what a wonderful thing… Glad to see you are bringing in a few extra dollars. I totally understand the not enough time thing.
    I look forward to your Kids and Cars Post… They are a great organization.

  2. KnotGypsy says:

    Apr. 18, 2008

    Goodness knows, I can relate. Life sure can change in an instant. As John Lennon said once, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”. (I may have paraphrased it somewhat – my memory is not what it used to be!).

    I was lured here by the title, and I think I have found another blog I want to read more of later (when I get some of that time you were talking about).

    Anyway, congrats on “paying” work! Look forward to returning to read some more.

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