April Fools Of The Past

Posted by: Tue, Apr 1, 2008
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Today being April Fools we thought we might change the pace a little here at Boiled Over…just for today.  🙂

My husband Chad is a total prankster, he is always trying to make someone laugh. April Fools Day about 12 years ago Chad decided to pull a little “prank” on me. He was outside in the carport so called working on the van, and I was upstairs. I heard him yelling for me, and hearing the worry in his voice made me run quickly downstairs. As I hit the bottom of the stairs Chad is holding his finger with “bloody” gauze wrapped around it saying he thinks he cut of his finger. clownThis is nothing knew for Chad as he is accident prone too.  I panic and start asking a ton of questions as I look across the kitchen floor and see drops of “blood” trickling from the outside door. The shear panic on my face must have been quite hilarious from his point of view. I darted through the house trying to get the kids ready and take him to the ER to fix his “cut off” finger. Chad could not keep it going any longer and he blurted out “April Fools”! Yeah, I felt like a fool although I was more relieved than laughing. I was so amazed that he was able to pull it off so well, using food coloring as blood worked great, but he was scrubbing the kitchen floor for a while and I was plotting my revenge for next year……

The Revenge:

I really wanted to get Chad good the following year, but it is hard to pull the wool over his eyes, so this would take some strategical planning on my part. Towards the middle of March the next year a pregnant friend and I came up with a master plan, babyI started planting the seeds saying I was late for my “monthly enemy”. Chad and I have four children that were very young at this point, all under 7 years old. As the days progressed I talked about how worried I was and that our youngest was only 1 ½ , I just wasn’t ready for another baby. The great day came, April Fools Day, and we were all meeting at a family member’s house. Before my pregnant friend arrived I had her take a pregnancy test and slip it to me behind Chad’s back. I pulled him aside and showed him, I thought he was going to fall over backwards. Then it BACKFIRED, my mouth hung open and tears came to my eyes as Chad says “another baby won’t be so bad, I’m kind of excited” ….On No What Did I Do? I felt terrible, but I immediately explained my elaborate prank to him and as he laughed and said that’s a relief….we both agreed….

NO More April Fools Pranks….At least not on each other….hehehehehe

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4 Responses to “April Fools Of The Past”

  1. Amanda says:

    Apr. 1, 2008

    Stacey, you should know that my brother would do some crap like that, but what makes it worse is that when you got him back it didn’t even work. I have never pranked him, he’s too damn good at it. Sometime you should ask him, but I am sure you already heard the story, about how he made our brother Jason piss himself scared with a practicle joke and some ketchup. I have to admit, he is good. In this one, it wasn’t just his finger, he got “stabbed” by a person outside on a stormy thundering night. I have to say, I would have had to kill him if he did that one to me. Thank God he saved all the really “good” ones for someone else. Love ya

  2. Kate says:

    Apr. 1, 2008

    This sounds like something I’d do to my husband, but his reaction wouldn’t be nearly as positive as Chad’s. Which means we’d probably spend the next month arguing.

  3. momofjhrazk says:

    Apr. 1, 2008

    Ok, I remember. I am ‘the friend.’ I was pregnant w/son #3. We calculated, schemed, but NO he ruined it! LOL!

  4. Chad & Stacey says:

    Apr. 1, 2008

    Amanda I forgot about Jason, that was a good one, maybe I will tell that one next year.

    Kate, too bad your husband would aurgue with you. It’s all in keeping the fun in your life, something has to keep you positive.

    momofjhrazk, I knew you would remember that, it was classic. He did ruin it, but we all can still laugh about it today and that is what counts.

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