Ballfield Witch!

Posted by: Mon, Mar 3, 2008
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I will try not to be too wordy, but here goes.

We signed up the youngest (just turned 6) for coach pitch BB. First practice, Sat. 8a.m. My husband took him. Had practice again on Sun @1. I took him, husband was working. I left him there for about 45 min, to take groceries home. Coach said it would be fine. I went back, waited on it to get over with. Once it was over, the team mom (TM)(coach’s wife) told the boys that they needed to pick up the dugout, because they had juice boxes, pop tart wrappers, etc., all thrown around. All the kids bailed on her except mine & hers, because I told mine he had to help, you helped make the mess, help clean. I stepped in the dugout to grab trash, bottles, etc. With hands full proceeded to the gate w/K in tow, trying to find a trash can. All of a sudden the TM says, “Who do you belong to?” (very loudly, harsh). I said, ” I am K’s mom, (said my name), nice to meet you.” TM, “you weren’t here yesterday were you?” Me, “no, but his dad brought him.” tm, “well, I knew there was a representative here for him.” (like I was stupid, a representative? It’s his dad!) (she is still VERY loud @ this point) We put the trash in the can and tm says, “apparently you don’t know the rules. You cannot be on that field for any reason, unless you have a security clearance.” (she is still LOUD!) I said very nicely, “I was just helping pick up trash & getting K.” tm, “THAT DOESN’T MATTER, YOU CAN’T GO THROUGH THAT GATE!” I just got K & headed to the car. My other son’s team mom chased me down & says, ” I am so sorry that she talked to you that way. She is new to this & I know you were just trying to help. I have been up here for a long time & she can come off being a bitch.  I said, “I was just trying to help & to teach K that he has to help too. That it doesn’t matter what the other kids do, we make a mess, we help out to clean it.” She says, “I know you guys are new up here. Just let it go & let it roll off your back.” We went on after that to discuss my other son’s practice schedule.

What would you do? I have a feeling that she is going to be the dugout mom, too. If she talks to my kid like that, I promise you, no security clearance paper is going to keep me from her! I am okay w/the clearance thing. It’s in place to protect the children. There were no other kids in there but mine & hers. 

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One Response to “Ballfield Witch!”

  1. Chad & Stacey says:

    Mar. 3, 2008

    It sounds like you did the right thing, by keeping your son there to clean up. The other children’s “representatives” should have also made them stay too. Responsibility is taken for granted by so many kids these days.

    Have to also agree that it was a little over board for her to be yelling at you about clearance when no other children were present. A nice little chat about the park rules and a thank you for helping would have been appropriate.

    Sounds like you may have trouble with this woman, our advice try to go through the coach first before confronting her. The proper channels will eventually be on your side, besides you can always vent on Boiled Over….

    Thanks for sharing, we always enjoy your posts and good luck keep us informed.

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