Boiled Over Turns Two

Posted by: Tue, Dec 1, 2009
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happy_birthday0Over Thanksgiving weekend Boiled Over reached the two year mark!  I haven’t been posting much over the last year (I’ll get to that later) and we’ve still reached almost 13,000 visitors. That may not seem like many people when you compare it to other websites but it amazes me how many people are interested in the topics on our site.

Boiled Over means everything to us, we came up with the idea while grieving and being angry over Dustin’s death. We personally needed a place to Boil Over about anything that made our blood boil. You see, the anger we hold over losing our son can be very powerful at times so when you read or deal with any other injustice it amplifies the feeling. Boiled Over to us is a way to vent that anger. Sometimes all it takes to let it to feel better is to voice your opinion and that’s what we encourage you to do here.

Every morning when I read the news, I find at least one article that should be a Boiled Over post. The problem is I’ve been working at home for a real paycheck and find it hard to fit in writing a post on this site.  With times so tough financially I tend to spend all my time working BUT I’m setting a goal to post at least once a week…maybe a Furious Friday theme. 🙂

There are so many injustices lately and they need to be discussed…

  • Unemployment Rate
  • Foreclosure Rate
  • Health Care Crisis
  • Big Business Still Taking Advantage
  • Criminals Released Early to Kill Innocent People

We encourage you to participate in venting on Boiled Over, trust me it makes you feel much better. If more people voiced their frustration in words maybe…just maybe…the acts of violence around the country would slow down!

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