Citizens Take Action Over BP

Posted by: Tue, Jun 8, 2010
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Boiled Over about BP oil spillPeople across the globe have boiled over with the lack of action that BP and the United States Government have taken to contain the largest oil spill in our history. As wildlife is seemingly being destructed and marshes are becoming over run with oil the only answers being given is “we are trying our best”.

Jamie Hilton, the chief of the volunteer fire department in Magnolia Springs, Alabama has taken action and rallied his community to stop the oil from infiltrating the beautiful Magnolia River. The problem is it took over three weeks of jumping through hoops to get a simple plan approved to bring in barges and oil-blocking booms to protect an area that is precious to everyone.

BP will not take care of the issue so why would a community that wants to help preserve what has not been touched yet get so much flack and frustration? Hilton was told that people are blowing this thing out of proportion and blocking the waterway is illegal. Then the buck started to pass, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management said it was an issue for Mobile to address and the Coast Guard states that it’s an issue the state has to address.

Government red tape is what got us in this mess to begin with! The government either afraid or ignorant to take immediate action has left the containment and clean up to an incompetent company that has continued to pollute our coastal water ways because they can figure out how to stop the leak. This is insane and makes our blood boil as we read of BP’s new plans on a daily basis on what to do to solve this problem, none of which have worked.

Now a community trying to save their river has to jump through hoops. BP should be thankful that common citizens want to step in with ideas to help keep the oil away. Hilton was able to get his plan approved and the State of Alabama has allocated a portion of the money that BP gave them to help with the clean up efforts.

Someone has to step in and say BP you are idiots that tried to cut corners! Reports are that the company knew this could be an issue as early as March and did nothing to avoid it! As millions of barrels of oil kill our environment and seep into the Gulf waters, BP CEO Tony Hayward says he will stay on the job. Are you kidding me? This man should be in jail, not collecting a paycheck from a company that had skyrocketing profits in the last few years and did nothing to prevent such a major catastrophe that will have lingering effects for years to come.

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