Death…A Better Place?

Posted by: Fri, May 28, 2010
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stairwaytoheaven-d-4dI now understand the amount of suicides and murder suicides. When life gets to hard to handle the promise of a bigger better place just seems so sweet. I believe that is what pushes people over the edge…to do things that you normally wouldn’t do. Why would you live in a world of stress and hate when you could live in a world of eternal bliss? That is what religion teaches. I’m not sure that eternal life is bliss but the mere promise of it sometimes seems so real why would you live in a world of misery when you could have what “heaven” offers.

Think about it, why would you continue in misery? Bills, kids, unemployment, losing your house you’ve work so hard for, essentially losing everything that you have ever worked for in your life, just because you are living. Technically in heaven as every religion says is a “better” place, a place where you feel no pain, a place where happiness is forever…

The question is, do you believe, do you believe in a place where there is no hurt, no pain , no stress, just love and happiness? If you do and you’re down and out why would you not consider suicide or murder suicide a real answer to what is ailing you?

My heart sinks every time I hear a story of someone taking a family member’s life and then their own or a person that simply took a drug overdose in the hopes that it would make the pain go away. Then when times are tough I think why would you not want to be in that wonderful place called heaven where the promise of eternal bliss is everlasting?

I know that in some religions it’s wrong to take your own life and they tell you that you “will go to hell”. I really don’t think that people believe that as much as religious leaders would hope. I believe that people simply think that life after death is a much better place.

I’m not saying that suicide or murder suicide is right…not at all! I’m just saying that I can now understand that people in a down and out situation could rationalize it to make it right in their own minds. They simply want to make life better for themselves and their families.

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