Do All of Us A Favor, Teach Respect and Responsibility

Posted by: Thu, Feb 26, 2009
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lifesaver2As we were sitting at the table discussing current events my mom asked, “Why are there so many bad people in the world?” My response was not enough parents teaching respect and responsibility.

I know that it is hard to balance work and family, especially in today’s economy where many households need two incomes. Parents need to make it a mission to be there for their kids in any situation. It seems the more lax people are about teaching their kids the true values of life, the more the world goes to shit.

So many young people do not know what it means to respect your elders even if you disagree. They do not know how to take responsibility for their actions or to just do a kind thing for a person in need because it makes you feel good.

Why and when did parents stop teaching these important values? When did the kids become “the protected ones”?

There is so much garbage out there saying that you should not hurt your kids feelings, you should not discipline them, you need to sugar coat the world for them. Maybe if parents started being tougher on their kids we would not have 11 year olds shooting their pregnant stepmothers. Teach them to take responsibility for their action whether it is good or bad.

We have always taught our kids that respect is key and if you give it, you will receive it. We make sure that if there are stories out there about kids doing wrong, we discuss that with them. We tell them why that behavior is not acceptable and how many people it hurts in the process. We teach them to be kind to others and do nice things for people without expecting anything in return. The biggest value we push is responsibility.

Spend time talking with your kids. Make it known that they are our next generation.

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2 Responses to “Do All of Us A Favor, Teach Respect and Responsibility”

  1. Abhinav Sood says:

    Mar. 4, 2009

    Basically, this is exactly the root cause of all evil. At my college, I see only a few students greeting or wishing their teachers. Except when they got have to get an assignment marked, they’d not suffix Madam or Sir with their names as they otherwise do.

    In a way, this even makes good people lose trust in and respect for others. If you know someone’s like that (double-faced) , would you ever trust that guy? Who knows they might be so different towards you than they are in your face.

    One who’s not respectful and who isn’t responsible is not valued in the society. And not being valued leads to criminalization of open minds.

  2. apaquette says:

    Mar. 22, 2009

    I do have something to say about this. I too think that things are getting rediculous with how our children “view” us now.For one, I have never taught my child to disrespect adults or anyone for that matter, but as she is getting older it seems like she feels she has the right to question anyone and everyone. In some aspects I think that it could be good. However, as parents we have to be so careful as to not “harm” our kids emotionally, the state and other Human rights activists are taking this a little far. I by no means beat my child. I don’t even spank her anymore, but the harsh reality is that she is being taught by society that she has more rights than I do. I think that overall she is a good kid, but all kids go through periods of time when they are out of control. They all test thier limitations, and when they are given an open door by the people who don’t raise them that they can just scream abuse it is rediculous. Who should have the right to tell my child that what I say doesn’t matter, if she doesn’t want to listent to it. When our kids grow up and do something that is not being a productive part of society then its the parents faults, but when she is punnished, within reason, and is told that I as her parent should not do that. What choices do we have as parents? Is a good old spanking gonna hurt thier self esteem so bad that they are gonna be scarred for life, or is it gonna teach them to have a little boundries and respect? Since when does my child think that she has the right to ask me what I’ve been doing all day, because she doesn’t want to put her laundry away? This actually happend today and she said to me that she is busy going to school and doing homework, so why don’t I just do it. When I told her that I keep the house clean, have homework of my own and don’t ask for more than a clean room and good grades from her, she said, yeah, well you just stay home all day, you have time to do it. That is the type of disrespect that we have to deal with. Did anyone ever imagine the day that we would now have to answer to our own kids, and all because we don’t want to hurt THIER egos? Come on, this is getting rediculous. I’m sorry but the world is a jungle, if we don’t teach our kids the food chain, they will get eaten alive. We are here to teach our kids, but if we are not even supported to have thier respect then who will teach them. The teacher that spends a few hours with them a day and doesn’t get to see all thier sides when they get home? Since when is it ok for a kid to ask, well if I don’t do what you tell me what are you gonna do? You can’t hit me, and I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to? Heard that a time or two also. I have to admit, there are parents out there that need to be put in their place, so those are the ones that need to be delt with, not all the other parents who are trying to teach thier kids the right thing.

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