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Posted by: Tue, Jul 8, 2008
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This is to warn everyone of a scam that is coming through snail mail. I received a letter last week stating that I had won a prize in the 2008 North American Lottery. The letter was received in a plain white envelope with no return address (first red flag). When I opened the letter a very real check was enclosed. The check was written to me in the amount of $3955.00 and even had the watermark on the back making it very convincing. The letter stated that the company had been trying to contact me to disperse my winnings of $55,000. (the second red flag, I had not been contacted by anyone)
Check Scam
My husband being the optimist said I should call the number and hear what they had to say. The gentleman was extremely convincing. He even stated that the lottery was sponsored by Visa and Walmart. Well I use a Visa at Walmart all the time, so I continued to listen. At this point I was thinking maybe I really did win something. I even asked the guy if this was real and he stated “I have been doing this for over ten years and I assure you that it is real.”

Mr. Bob, as he called himself, said that $2900.00 of the check amount had to be paid to “Washington” for taxes on the winnings. (next red flag – taxes on $55,000 should be more than $2900.00) I was instructed to deposit the check and call Mr. Bob back to make arraignments on paying the $2900.00 and decide how I would receive the rest of my winnings. My choices were to have the winnings directly deposited in my account, cashiers check or money order. As I hung up the phone I started to get excited, thinking maybe the sun has finally shined on us.

THEN! My logical brain caught up and said “NO WAY”, something is just not right. I googled “The North American Lottery” and not to much of a surprise countless complaints about returned checks and scam artists. UUUGHHH! No free money for us! I found the number for the bank the check was drawn on. The address if the company “LexJet Corporation” was the same as the bank list. At this time I knew for sure that it was a scam, but I called the bank anyway. The response was just as I had thought, the check is no good and the bank agent gave me th number to the Canadian Authorities that are investigating the scam.

Scam Letter

I called Joe at the toll free number and gave him the information. It seems that everyone in our county with a mailing address was sent the same scam. The letter varied and so did the check amount, but it was the same concept from the same company. Cash the bad check, wire them $2900.00, give them your banking information and BOOM – YOU’RE BROKE!

If you have received a letter like this one or a check please call Joe at the Canadian Fraud Department 1-888-495-8501. They are working with the FBI and USPS to try and catch these thieves. It is bad enough that many of us are already down on our luck we do not need someone out there trying to totally destroy us.

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2 Responses to “Don't Cash This Check”

  1. wonda sue henson says:

    Dec. 19, 2008

    i did not reeve my stimules cheek i would like to know if you can telle why email me back please

  2. Chad & Stacey says:

    Dec. 19, 2008

    Wonda – I sent you an email with some information to help you. Contact me if you do not receive it.

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