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Posted by: Fri, Apr 4, 2008
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Women Runs Into House Trouble Over Water Bill

A story in our local news this weekend tells of a single mother trying to buy a HUD approved home. Jennifer found her dream home in Mt. Morris, MI, but she is unable to have the inspection done for the closing. The reason being is the previous owner left a $431 water bill, and the city will not turn on the water for the inspection. HUD has offered to pay the bill for Jennifer, but not before the closing and the poor women can’t get the inspection to do the closing.

I was infuriated when I read this, a similar incident happen to us when we bought our home. The previous owner left an unpaid water bill of $200 and the Township said it was our responsibility to pay it! We refused, we argued the point until we were blue in the face. The end result, the Township added it to our house taxes at the end of the year, we had to pay it! Something needs to be done about this, why should the new homeowner be responsible for a previous owner’s delinquency!

Deal Moves Senate Foreclosure Relief Ahead

Sounds like the Senate may be looking out for American homeowners….NOT! This week the Senate entered negotiations for a foreclosure relief bill, but from the little details provided, it seems the relief will be “Bailing Out Lenders” and not helping existing homeowners. The overall bill wants to provide $4 Million to communities to purchase and rehabilitate foreclosed homes. It is also suppose to provide protection to borrowers from sub prime lending. This bill has not been passed yet, but it also includes a $7,000 tax credit for people buying new homes or foreclosed properties. The White House thinks this bill will not help homeowners it will only help the lenders.

One time in 8 years that I actually agree with The White House…OH I can’t believe I said that! This bill offers NO relief for homeowners that are in financial hardship, only to new homeowners that want to buy foreclosed homes! Are you kidding me, Americans can’t not afford their current home, it goes into foreclosure, lenders won’t lend to you, and your suppose to be able to buy someone else’s home that got screwed buy the economy. With 8000 homes a day being foreclosed on, the Senate should be looking at helping EXSISTING homeowners from loosing their homes.

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