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Posted by: Fri, Feb 22, 2008
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work for foodWe have a beef with people out there that sit at home whining they can not find work. Don’t get us wrong with the unemployment rate in our state well above 7% it is tougher to find a “good” job, but not impossible to find “a” job.

Friend #1 is almost out of unemployment and is complaining that he does not know what he is going to do. Well stop sitting around waiting for a job to land in your lap and go find one. Reading the local newspaper once a day does not count as job hunting.

Friend #2 was “let go” from his job in the fall, he does not have any steady income. He was able to sell things around his house to keep him going for a couple months, but then nothing. He just keeps complaining that there is no work. This Friend has had one small side job that lasted a month or so, but will not take a job an hour away due to the high gas prices. If you are turning down work than don’t complain.

There may not be a vast amount of good jobs out there at the moment, but all the local fast food restaurants are hiring. Yeah it would suck to flip burgers to get by, but at least it’s something. It would be equal to what Friend #1’s unemployment is and Friend #2 has no income so it has to be better.

We agree that something has to be done about the lack of decent jobs in this country, but any job is better than no job. Life will only give back what you put in, so GET A JOB!
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2 Responses to “Get A Job”

  1. Dru says:

    Feb. 22, 2008

    I was a Contractor in Germany and was out of work after the area I worked at was sold back to the German Government. This was a great opportunity for me to move back to the US since I was away from my family for so many years. I did have a hard time finding a job and was unemployed for 1 month. I ended up taking a position 2 hours away. It paid me enough so I could actually pay rent and travel expences plus the biggest benefit was I was able to feed my children. When Gas Prices reached over $3.00/gallon I talked to my boss and she changed my schedule so I could Drive down Monday morning, leave Tuesday after work, work from my house on Wednesday, then drive down Thursday morning and come home Friday after work. After a year of that schedule she introduced me to her friend that had a company closer to my house and now I work there. 30 minutes away from my house.
    My point, if you need to feed your family take anything because something is better than nothing. It doesn’t mean you can’t keep looking but at least you can have an income while you look.

  2. Chad & Stacey says:

    Feb. 22, 2008

    Well said Dru! You did what you had to do and it worked itself out. People must be willing to help themselves and not just expect everything to fall in their laps.

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