Government Garbage and Bogus Bailouts

Posted by: Thu, Mar 19, 2009
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Personally I am insulted at this entire “Bailout” garbage. Does the government think we are that stupid? Do they think we do not realize these big financial companies got themselves into this mess and why should we pay for their mismanagement?

How many of us could use a “Bailout” right now? Maybe we should all get together, form a large corporation, say we are in trouble and line our pockets with HUGE bonuses. Then we can start spending as the government has requested to boost the economy…

Take this one personal financial example, from us:

We have an auto loan through Capital One and according to these figures it’s hard to see why they needed a $35 million dollar bailout in November.
Bailout Money

  • Original Loan Amount: $16,648
  • Payment totals for 2.5 years: $10,778
  • Loan Account Balance: $13,740

Can you see what is wrong with that picture…..A mere $2,098 went towards the actual principal on the auto loan. That means Capital One put $8,680 of our payments in their pocket.

We are one loan…imagine 10,000 (very low number) loans like ours….That would be $86,800,000 in their pockets! I say in their pockets because it is the interest on the loan, which is a fancy way of saying that’s what you pay to us for screwing you over.

So if companies like these are “getting one over” on the American people WHY should we “The Taxpayers” bail them out? I think we already paid our portion of Capital One’s Bailout money, so why more? OH yeah, it’s so they can employ rude people that don’t speak English to harass you when your a day late with the payment….

NY Times Article from October confirming Capital One Bailout Money – 16 Banks Plan to Seek U.S. Aid

Click Here to Track your financial institutions bailout money provided by the NY Times.

By the way, since our great government says the only way to get out of this economic crisis is to spend money …why not let the millionaires handle that. Us poor folk have already given way more than we have and they keep taking more!

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