Insurance Companies – The Mafia Under The Radar

Posted by: Thu, Dec 27, 2007
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I have a major problem with insurance companies in this country. It doesn’t matter what kind of insurance they all have a major racket going on. You never hear of an insurance company that losses money even when they have to pay millions of dollars on a settlement. That should be a big hint right there that something is wrong.

Everyday people that can barely scrape by have to pay large sums of money to insurance companies just in case ”there is an event when you need them”. The problem usually is that when you need them, they either bail and find a loophole or just make it so difficult to obtain the money owed to you.medical insurance

Health Insurance companies get millions of dollars on a daily basis in just premiums, we should know we pay over $700 a month for our BCBS. The problem is that they keep raising the co pay and decreasing the payable benefits. They deny a health procedure if they deem is unnecessary! Who the hell are they to deny a procedure that your doctor recommends because they do not want to pay for it. A prime example is a young lady named Nataline that was in the news last week because she lost her life due to Cigna’s refusal to pay for a liver transplant. For almost a month doctors tried to appeal to Cigna to change their mind, and a rally of people protested outside of their main headquarters. Cigna did then change their mind and said okay to the procedure, but it was futile Nataline died the next day. Read more here. How do these companies have the right to say what procedures are allowed, if you are sick you should be treated! One more example is that we have someone close to us that is in stage four cancer. After radiation when we ask our family member about getting a new bone scan to see if the cancer has slowed in progress and the response was, the insurance will not authorize another one. Are you kidding me!

auto insuranceAutomobile insurance is just as bad, how many of you have paid thousands of dollars into your auto policy and never seen a dime back. Well let me tell you that auto insurance is the biggest crock out there, for one if you don’t have full coverage it never helps you anyway, and if you live in a state like Michigan that has no fault insurance your in even more hot water. For one our wonderful BCBS health insurance will not cover you in an auto accident so we have to pay an extra $400 every six months for health insurance through our auto carrier. For another at the time of our sons accident my husband’s truck had thrown the transmission out and we did not have a running vehicle so to save money we canceled the car insurance until we had it running again. WELL BIGGEST MISTAKE OF OUR LIVES! Who was to know some irresponsible driver was going to kill our son that week. See in Michigan YOU carry the insurance to cover your family in the event of an accident, so when the insurance company “ALLSTATE” contacted us, we were entitled to $1700 and that was it! That did not even put a dent in the funeral expenses, they said since we did not have auto insurance we got nothing! It would have been nice to know that before all this happened. Our question was…Why should our insurance pay for the death of our son, we had nothing to do with, and for another Allstate insured a driver that caused the death of another person why should they not pay for the funeral? So now we are stuck still paying insurance premiums, a huge funeral expense and we do not even have our son. How can society put up with this?

You sit down and add up all your insurance costs and then figure out how much the insurance has actually given back and you will see why they are The Mafia under the radar!

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2 Responses to “Insurance Companies – The Mafia Under The Radar”

  1. Cigna Health » Insurance Companies – The Mafia Under The Radar says:

    Dec. 28, 2007

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  2. Amanda Paquette says:

    Dec. 28, 2007

    I have to admit that I agree with you on the insurance crap. I also have a problem with people not able to recieve medical insurance of any kind. To insure a family with medical insurance it is outrageous, and yet like you said, the co pays and deductibles continue to go up. Between that and the car insurance and food and rent and other necessary bills to run a household, sometimes you have to wonder which one to cut back on. You need somewhere to live, heat, water, food, and car insurance to drive. The unfortunate things are that all of these things are now necessary and not extras. It is not affordable alrady, let alone needing to worrying about the cost of healthcare that you pay for and still end up owing money too. The fact that you pay your premiums and they don’t cover shit sucks. When I am sick, I have to worry not just about my insurance, but If I have it can I even afford the office visit, let alone that fact that I will need a prescription when I leave I may not be able to cover. There was a medication that I needed and was prescribed by my DR for continuing migranes my co pay was 60.00 for 9 pills or something like that. Who has the extra 60.00 to spend on one medication that may not even last the whole month. Come on we are consumers, give us some kind of break. There is no happy medium, when one thing goes up, everything else goes up but our pay. Medical companies like BCBS are widely known, and recieve a sick amount of money, in this country a job with health care is important, and on top of that employers go out of thier way also not have to pay as much and cover less for thier employees. They will aslo try to hire as many people as possible that they could consider not “full time” just so they do not have to pay benefits. People need to start fighting back, this is our America last time I checked. No wonder it’s going to shit,along with the newer gerations.

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