Ironworkers a Breed of Their Own

Posted by: Wed, Jun 10, 2009
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This post is dedicated to my husband, a union Ironworker. He recently had to leave home to work, like so many other Ironworkers around the nation. They always go where the work is.

Ironworking is a tough trade and when I say they are a breed of their own that’s no lie. They get up early, travel many miles, they’re tough and dedicated. They look death in the eye every single day with beams dangling over their head or releasing their harness to make that impossible connection. It’s a brotherhood like no other, they have each others backs and when jobs are scarce they do what they can to help their fellow brother.

To all the Ironworkers and their family our hearts are with you. I know the feeling of watching your husband leave every morning wondering if the job will be safe. Will he come home in one piece or come home at all? That’s the life of a Ironworkers wife.

Dedicated to Every Hard Working Ironworker out there…
my ironworker
Early dawn starts the day
Miles to go he’s on his way
Callused hands connecting beams
Spudding holes, fulfilling dreams
Welding, bolting, sweating blood
He belongs to a brotherhood
Only the best
Will pass the test
Walking where others will not go
Fear is one thing he will never show
Like an eagle perched high on a tree
He climbs the column and dreams to be free
Free of the worries and stress of his life
Waiting to retire with his wife
He loves his trade
And softly I prayed…

Keep him safe on the beam up high
God Bless the Ironworkers in the sky.

I miss you honey…Please be safe!

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7 Responses to “Ironworkers a Breed of Their Own”

  1. unknown says:

    Jun. 10, 2009

    all workers are at risk everyday. just driving to and from work. every union is in a class of there own. every worker faces the day wondering where he or she will work today.every trade is having a hard time traveling out of state going where even to put bread on the table….. all union worker.from gm to construction to nursing to every union i thank you.

  2. (Slim) Jim Hammond says:

    Aug. 21, 2011

    I thank you, Sister!  I am a Local 66 Ironworker, packing as I type, heading out of town this evening working yet another 4  10’s out of town away from my family!  It is not easy leaving my step kids and 7 mo. preg girlfriend but we have to pay bills!  We could not do it without strong women like you and my Girlfriend to hold us down and keep us moving!  We love you guys dearly!

    God bless the wives and Girlfriends of a BOOMER!

  3. Chad Stacey says:

    Aug. 22, 2011

    The life of an ironworker is tough for the entire family and people don’t realize that. It’s not a normal 9 to 5 construction job it’s a lifestyle. You never know where you’ll be working or for how long.

    Thank you for the kind words and we wish you the best of luck, Brother!

  4. J.R.Fredenburg says:

    Oct. 23, 2011

    I’m a retired iron worker from IWL #111. Thank you for putting into words what very few understand. Your right we are an extended family. I have 2 sons that are iron workers. They are starting to appreciate what it means to be one, instead or the son of one. Wife’s like you are a dream to come home to. Most of the iron workers I’ve worked with over the 31 yrs.I put in. Just wanted the ones he was supporting, would be at the door to say welcome home. Thank you like I love you can’t be worn out. I wish all who read your poem / post, Go well !  Be safe !  Union for life !     ARNWRKR 

  5. Nica says:

    Nov. 2, 2011

    I’m very much in love with a man who is an ironworker. I’m so proud of his noble work ethic & sure I worry everyday that he remains safe. This year we’ve lived together for only one consecutive month; mostly it’s weekends here & there. He’s working out of town & constantly on the move so much that I wonder if our relationship will ever work. But then I remember that the alternative would be unbearable. “Sometimes” with him are better than “everytime” with someone else.

  6. alan says:

    Dec. 17, 2013

    love the poem im disabled and currently taking osha training….i hope to get back out there with my brothers…and teach some of our youngers so they will get home to there faimlys….thank you pld ironworker connector…god bless you

  7. alan says:

    Dec. 17, 2013


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