Is New Superficial Technology Really Needed?

Posted by: Wed, Feb 27, 2008

New technology is pushed on the consumer everyday. Just when you think you have the latest and greatest gadget a new “better” one is released. I understand the need to make money, but I feel like “we”, the consumers are being taken advantage of. Think of the competitive edge that those companies have over the average everyday person looking an electronic device. These companies know exactly what this new technology does, do we?

Should there be some moral code that these companies follow? Of course! We are spending our money making them rich. Did you know that the average 5 mega pixel digital camera is equivalent to your old 35mm camera? Meaning if you are  printing 4×6 snapshots you only need a 5 not a 12 mega pixel. For example, my camera is a Kodak, 5mp and I can print clear 20×30 inch prints, that’s bigger than the average poster. If you had that information you would have the option of buying a $70 camera versus a $400 camera.
America seems to have this obsession with new gadgets that these companies feed into like leaches. The government has joined the bandwagon with the conversion to DTV in 2009. I was extremely upset when this hit the news, why should the consumers have to spend more money for something that is being forced on us. The good part of the conversion is that it will free up needed frequencies for emergency services, and the government is giving out vouchers for converter boxes. The bad part is, consumers are very ill informed, the “leftover frequencies” will be auctioned off, you can only “apply” for 2 vouchers per household. If you have a TV that receives cable/satellite you will probably be just fine, although it may give those providers and excuse to raise your bill. If you have a TV that uses an antenna or is an old analog TV you will need the box. The voucher will cover $40 of the $50 price of the converter box. We have four old analog TV’s, meaning it is going to cost us $120 to watch cable on those TV’s.

Another question I have is why do Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony release new video game consoles every two years? Maybe it is so parents will have to buy them for their kids because all of them except for the Sony PS2 do not release new games for the older systems. I know the graphics and the technology is amazing in these new systems, but why does our society, especially our younger members keep feeding into this so furiously.

If all these companies banded together to come up with life saving technologies imagine what they could accomplish. Maybe a cure for cancer, or a way to stop polluting our environment. The world can make a super computer the size of a dime, but they can’t figure out how to run a feasible automobile without gasoline.

Short Cartoon – I’m sure we have all felt like this at one point in time.

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4 Responses to “Is New Superficial Technology Really Needed?”

  1. Kelly says:

    Feb. 28, 2008

    Hey, you’re absolutely right. I get on my soapbox and rant about this often with friends and pretty much anyone with ears. The computer, tv, cell phone and game console companies are the worst. Every couple of years- sometimes not even that long, Dell, Hewitt-Packard and the rest will put out a new computer with a faster processor, more RAM and so on. Of course, the software companies follow suit by producing games and programs that need more powerful systems that can handle the requirements to use their stuff. I don’t buy into that scam. There are some morons who do, however, feeling they need to keep up with the Joneses. Either that or they enjoy spending their money on the high tech crap instead of using it on something real-something important-like food and paying the bills. I read an article several years ago about this. It documented evidence that these high tech companies have FUTURE products stock piled in their warehouses that they release to the public every year or two. We’re not being shown the latest techno gadgets in the present. The very latest are being held in their warehouses NOW for release for years to come. Nice scam, huh?

    I don’t buy into it. For example, the computer I’m using now is only the second one I’ve owned since 1998. Ten years. Maybe once in a blue moon do I get some extra memory or better graphics card. Some techfreaks couldn’t handle that kind of restraint. Heh heh. Their greed and envy get the better of them and the tech companies that benefit from this behaviour are more than happy to pick their wallets.

  2. Chad & Stacey says:

    Feb. 28, 2008

    Greed is a very powerful thing. We agree that the computer industry is out of hand too, the fastest changing and most money making. We also have and older computer, it would be considered a dinosaur in the computer world, but like you said a couple sticks of memory and a new graphics card and you’re good.

    What you said about the future stock pile is interesting and we are not surprised. These companies are always trying to get one over on the consumer. Maybe they should take that future stockpile and test it while it’s in the warehouse, nothing worse than paying a lot of money for something that doesn’t work right.

  3. Computer Articles says:

    May. 10, 2008

    We never buy more than we need and only change major items like the TV, Fridge etc. when the actually die and go POP! We made our son wait a year before getting him a Nintendo DS just in case it was just a fad (and we made him use some of his pocket money to pay for it). Too many people buy things just because the Jones’next door have bought one and I find this most extravagant and very wasteful.

  4. Smartphone Holder says:

    Nov. 15, 2008

    Your article is a real truth. It force to think out of our life. Technologies will become better and higher. And it is necessary for someone. For whom? For those who make big money… They need drive Porsche 911. All modern and new devices are as TV advertisement… Someone watch and forget but someone go and buy. It is a just usual and weak people. They need news… Remember Adam? 🙂 He had all.. but he want to know news too… so it is in our blood on genetical level 🙂

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