Kids Injured in Hit and Run

Posted by: Thu, Dec 2, 2010
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Waking up to read the morning news, the first headline on our local news website is a hit-and-run accident that involved two children in the Mount Morris, MI area.

Thankfully the two children involved will be fine, they sustained only minor injuries. The article made my blood boil and really ticked me off when I found out not only were the kids hit walking to school BUT the driver left the scene, driving off as the two children lay in the road.

If you’re a regular reader of our blog you will know that any child hit by a car breaks our hearts, as this is the way we lost our son almost five years ago.

This driver, if ever found should face the maximum penalty and lose their license forever. My heart sank as I read:

“All I saw was the car headlights,” Austin said. “I closed my eyes and kept running.”

This coming from an 11 year old boy that feared for his life, no child should have to ever endure that.

So the REAL question is…who is responsible for the children’s medical bills? What will the family do if they occur problems in the future do to the kids being injured in the accident?

In a perfect world the drivers car insurance would pay those related costs BUT the driver is no where to be found. To be honest even if they did find the driver the odds that they actually had auto insurance and that the insurance company would do the right thing and PAY is very nil.

We know this from first hand experience. We consulted a few personal injury and wrongful death attorneys when our son was killed by a careless driver…will little results.

The insurance company gave us pennies and the lawyers didn’t have time for us since it stated in the police report that our son was at fault. This of course was not true and the investigation was botched due to a small town cover up.

The point is… DRIVERS head caution and drive slow when entering any area that you know children will be traveling to school! These kids are innocent and if you do have an accident for goodness sake DON’T drive away!

If you live in the Mount Morris, MI area and you’ve seen a a white sedan that might have been involved in an accident contact the Mount Morris Police or 911 immediately. This person needs to be brought to justice!

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