Making A Mountain Out Of A Mole Hill

Posted by: Tue, Jan 8, 2008

hillary clintonI am sure you have heard the latest campaign news you must have it ‘s everywhere. Yes, yesterday Hillary Clinton choked up and almost cried. It is the being talked about by every “expert” that the media has available. She has lost, the campaign is over, she’s having a break down because she is losing to Obama. This is so ridiculous, has our country came to the point where it is that bad to show emotion? Even Hillary thinks it’s ridiculous in a direct quote posted by she states,

“This is so ridiculous,” Clinton told FOX News. “People who followed me during the course of my life know that I’m a passionate person and I care deeply about what happens to people. You know, here I am sitting in an intimate setting, although granted there are a million cameras around, talking to people about what they care about and what’s on their minds and how deeply concerned they are about our country.”

Hillary was speaking passionately from the heart about issues that mean something to her. I would expect that from any candidate that I was voting for, someone real that believes in the same thing I do. One headline I found from the New York Daily News says “Weepfest Won’t Help Hillary” , and MSNBC’s headline reads “Clinton’s Campaign Shows Stress Before Primary”. The big media debate is was this planned or real, did it hurt her chances of winning in New Hampshire. We should be debating about what she said about the issues of our country and how she planned to “rectify” what Bush has done to us.

This is the clip of the now famous “Hillary choke up”

The media is also indicating that Obama has won New Hampshire and the democratic nomination. I even heard one report that if McCain won the republican nomination Obama would become president. I guess everyone forgot that in 1992 Bill Clinton only obtained 3% of the Iowa primary vote and he came in second in New Hampshire, but went on to win the democratic nomination. The race has just begun, the media should be showcasing all of the candidates on their beliefs, their experience, and their plan for our country. Give the American voters truly what we need the right information NOT gossip!

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