Maryland Schools…Go Directly To Jail

Posted by: Sun, Nov 25, 2007
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So this really boils us over, now a Maryland School District can put parents in Jail for up to ten days for not getting their children immunizations. Now we believe this should be personal choice for one, but that is not the true issue. The true issue is the fact that the government and the school district can be allowed so much control over your life. They tell you what you should do with your children, how you should treat them, what you should teach them and so on. They do not even have the knowledge to teach our children well, yet they can put us in jail.

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One Response to “Maryland Schools…Go Directly To Jail”

  1. apaquette says:

    Dec. 26, 2007

    I have read the article listed above and all I can say is what a waste of money this has caused. Are you kidding me? This is rediculous, if it was that much of a deal allow the health department to come into the school and set up a “makeshift clinic”. People should be responsible for thier own children, but they did not have an epidemic because these children were not immunized, but they made one. It should be up to the parents to make sure that thier children are vaccinated, if they believe in it. However, some parents are against vaccinations, so you will allow that child to not recieve an education? Not only that but my pediatrician does not send me updates about what vaccinations that my child needs at what age, I don’t always know, and since my child is fairly healthy shed doesn’t go to the DR all the time. I think that this was a waste for the system, we have much bigger issues with our teenage kids and our society than to arrest parents for not vaccinating our children. If you were going to put up a make shift clinic, do that and send home letters to the parents for autherizations. Come on people this is insane. We need to deal with real problems with our teenagers, we have kids killing kids, and drugs and STD’s, and 14 year olds becoming parents to worry about, this nation sometimes puts emphasis on the wrong issues and I think that this is a perfect example.

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