Michigan Residents Left In The Dust

Posted by: Wed, Jan 16, 2008
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The Democrats have left Michigan behind in this presidential election. Yeah so, our crazy governor decided that if she upped the primary to January 15th that it would bring Michigan’s woes to the forefront of the election. WRONG! The fact that she “broke” the rules by holding the primary before Febuary 5th Obama, Edwards, Richardson, and Biden took their names off the ballot. Then the residents of Michigan were told that the Democratic National Convention would not count our democratic delegate votes. The only campaigning we received here in our state was from the Republican Party, well excuse me but most union workers do not vote Republican. We had no one speaking for the democrats except that “the state” was wrong for moving the primary. That does not help the average family here in a state where the unemployment rate has hit 7.4% compared to the national average of 4.7%. Those of us who live in this state have Michigan Primaryseen the decline that has a terrible hold on all of us. We are losing our good paying union jobs to other countries due to the “free trade agreement”. The crime rate has tripled in our area because people have no way to support their families. In an instance in Midland there was three bank robberies within a few days of each other, come to find out it is a retired librarian trying to make ends meet. That is no excuse to commit a crime, but people are at their wits end. The experts keep talking about the nation going into a recession, Michigan is already there. Now we have no one to represent us except for the Republicans. The people of our state have suffered due to the lack of campaigning and pulling of names from the ballot, not the state government. The state has hit its residents with tax increases, budget cuts and now our chance to learn more about the presidential candidates that are suppose to be bringing ideas to help all of us improve.

To make it worse the residents of Michigan can’t get out, our housing market is so bad that you could never sell your house to move to another state. We are the leader in union jobs, but have some boneheads out there promoting “the right to work” petition. They were set up at the polls yesterday telling the unemployed workers that it is their chance to get a job. WRONG! It is a way to lose the few high paying jobs we have left and allow cheap labor. Huckabee stated that right to work would be great for Michigan, guess he doesn’t know a lot about Michigan as a whole. Then McCain says that our auto jobs are lost forever and we must face that fact. Are you kidding me? Find ways to boost the auto industry not just assume it is lost forever. Stop giving tax breaks to companies that move their work force to Mexico! Romney just kept saying I’m good for Michigan because I was born here and my daddy was governor. Well Romney live here now with this state in recession and then tell us how much you can do for us.

So for now the residents of Michigan just hold our breathes and try to get by one day at a time, hoping that one day someone or something will come to our rescue before we all drowned.

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