No Health Insurance Can Cause Your Death

Posted by: Wed, Dec 5, 2007

It has been over five years now and this issue still makes me boil over on a daily basis. Health Care and Insurance is one of the biggest problems that face our country. A lot of the focus is on the children which is understandable, but it also affects millions of adults. The cost to just go to the hospital or emergency room is outrageous and could put someone in a very large debt if they do not have insurance.

My dad’s health was failing him at age 47 his heart was giving out. We have an awful history of heart disease in my family. Of my dad’s four siblings only two are surviving and both my grandparents past away due to heart related problems. Dad had his first heart related health issues in his early twenties so we always knew he wasn’t doing well. At the time of his death he had been working as a subcontractor, therefore in order to have health insurance he had to purchase it on his own. He could not afford to do that, so he avoided going to the doctors due to the bills he would incur. The last two weeks of his life he knew something was seriously wrong, he was drinking Mylanta by the gallon thinking he had heartburn. Two days before his death, my dad entered the emergency room because his arm went numb and he was having difficulty breathing. The hospital did some routine tests, but when my dad said that he could not afford the more expensive procedures the doctors released him. Knowing his health history and all the signs of a massive heart attack the doctor should have tried harder to do the tests or kept him there for observation. When you enter hospital you expect nothing but the best care possible, they are suppose there to help you. Needless to say at 5 am two days later my dad past way in the parking lot of a pharmacy where he went to buy Mylanta, thinking he had heartburn again, he had a massive heart attack.

Just because you do not have health insurance that should not affect the doctor or hospitals decision on treatment. Everyone should receive the same tests based on their symptoms not their ability to pay. Those of us who do have health insurance pay enough to cover those bills, hospitals always make a profit and have you ever seen a poor doctor?

We wanted to sue the hospital in hopes that they would think twice next time they encountered a patient without health insurance. The lawyers told us that since we did not rely on my dad to support us we could not do that. We just wanted to try and make a change, because I know right now there are other people in our country that face the same issues as this. They have either lost a loved one or are in failing health and scared of the bills.

My advice to you is demand the same care regardless of your financial situation for the sake of your family, your friends and your life.

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One Response to “No Health Insurance Can Cause Your Death”

  1. blogengage says:

    Dec. 6, 2007

    This is the exact reason I love and admire myself for being Canadian. We have no health insurance premiums to pay in Canada. If I break my arm and have no money I get my arm fixed free. If a break my arm and I’m rich I get the exact same service. I recently watched a movie that made me sick to my stomach regarding the way Americans are treated when it comes to health care. I couldn’t believe your own government would let you die if you have no money. What kind of system is that? For a country 300 million strong you sure let the wrong people manage your government. Something has to be done regarding your current health care system and no one can change it but you! You have to stand up for your selves and speak out to be heard.
    This is a sad reality of being American. I see stories of families going bankrupt just to receive health care in your country. If that’s democracy I’ll pass thanks. I’m just starting to realize how a constitutional monarchy has made Canada the great country it is today with free health care for all.
    I’m sad to see you in the situation and almost want to invite you to see my doctor 
    God bless you and your family!

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