Our Black Friday

Posted by: Mon, Nov 26, 2007
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This is when it all starts for us “Black Friday” means the day after Thanksgiving that we so much enjoy with our family, we never go shopping, who could afford that? Our Thanksgiving week and the week after is very trying for us. My husband works for the union and he does not get holiday pay, therefore his paycheck next week will be very minimal. We barley scrape by in these two weeks and with Christmas approaching it is very stressful.

My boiling point is how you could work for the union, born in America, for America, to protect American workers and not pay your people for holidays. This is a time of year you should enjoy and not be stressed out about a lost day at work, that you did not have a choice over. When you are in the construction field you are already worrying about the “rain” days let alone a four day weekend with no pay. Although the union has been good to us in the past, it gets worse every year. Like “Big Business” they are always looking out for themselves and not the workers. It is not like the old days where you felt secure with your union. These days you make $840.00 for your pension and they take $800.00 you get $40.00. Who can retire on that especially with no paid Holidays?

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