Scam Targeting The Elderly

Posted by: Wed, Mar 26, 2008
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People that scam other people out of their money or possessions are total scum. Anytime we see an article that could affect someone else being scammed we will post it as a warning.

An article on our local news station is warning that “sales” men are trying to scam elderly people into buying products at ridiculously high prices, products that they could purchase much cheaper at the local store. The part of this scam that truly boils me over is the way the scammers get the phone numbers for these “prospective” clients. They are placing “raffle” boxes at local businesses, usually raffling off a “free” meal. When you fill out the entry form, you include your name, phone number and AGE. These “sales” men then find the elderly people (which are on a fixed budget) and call them to say “you won a free meal”. When these people arrive at the restaurant they are greeted by a salesman that pitches products to them at astronomical prices. Products like fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, stating that their old ones are not working or inefficient.

The Local Authorities in ARGENTINE TOWNSHIP, Mich do not know who these “sales” men are, so BEWARE! If it is happening in communities here chances are it is happening where you live too. Please warn the people that you know and alert authorities to anything even smelling like a scam.

People like this are dirt, the dregs of the earth, instead of going out and making an honest living, they would rather ruin someone’s entire life to get ahead. Keep you eyes open and help catch a scammer.

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3 Responses to “Scam Targeting The Elderly”

  1. DruU says:

    Mar. 26, 2008

    This is like what the Time Share companies are doing around here. They are placing the Raffle boxes at local shops with signs like, “Free Weekend Getaway”
    Of course they call you and say, “You won a weekend get away to (insert someplace here”
    Although I am not sure but I do not believe this is a Scam, I think you get a weekend at one of these places but you have to sit though a sales pitch for buying a time share.
    I am starting to treat everything like I do with the internet. I do not give my name or phone number to anyone unless I know that they are using it for a real reason.
    There are way to many people out there that want to scam me out of the few dollars I have. They could atleast aim for someone that has money.

  2. AngryJed says:

    Mar. 26, 2008

    it is also similar to the raffles: “Get $5000 in free gas” I signed up for one in North Conway, NH three or four years ago and I still get spam/junk mail that I can trace back to that booth. I got a phone rep to actually admit they get lists from raffles at county and state fairs.

  3. Chad & Stacey says:

    Mar. 26, 2008

    We did not know that these “raffle” boxes were used for such purposes until now. Thank you both for posting your experiences so that other people would be warned. It is just plain ignorant for companies to use such deceptive practices and absolutely unfair to the people that are trying to hang onto every penny they have.

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