Selfish Frozen Minds Of The School District

Posted by: Mon, Feb 11, 2008

freezingThe school district has done it again, they are putting state funding in front of student safety. I am pissed that yet again that the school can make decisions regarding our children’s safety that makes no sense at all. I understand that our district has had four snow days in two weeks and my kids have not been to school in five days. We can not do anything about old man winter, he has a huge hold on us this year. Currently our state has wind chill advisories posted, the news channel is stating to stay inside whenever possible. The wind chill is reading -18 and in a direct quote from meteorologist Mike Cameron he states

“We can’t emphasize enough that you really need to cover every ounce of skin,”

I know we lose state funding if the students miss too many days due to the weather, which is absolutely ridiculous, but we are talking about the safety and welfare of the students. How could a state put a mandate on the number of “emergency” days the district has to keep our children safe?

Did they think about the kids that have to walk to school or the kids that have to wait at the bus stop? THEY SHOULD NOT BE EXPOSED TO THIS WEATHER! Several other neighboring districts called for a two hour delay, even that would have shown some compassion for the students who do not have a warm car or bus to ride in. Snow stormThis may sound futile for some, but if you have children you should know where I am coming from. Two years ago I may have thought it futile too, until we lost our son due to unsafe conditions on his way to school. There should never be a known risk to any student that is trying to get to school and if there is the district should be held accountable. (Which we found out they can not be held accountable, for unsafe conditions.) Not only is the wind chill this morning an extreme risk to any student that does not have transportation, after our sixteen inch snowfall on Thursday many of the sidewalks leading to the school remain hidden under the vast amounts of snow, including in front of The State Police Station. So as the students are braving these negative temperatures they also expect them to drudge through a foot and a half of snow. I am sure that our Superintendent Mr. Daniel was able to easily get to his warm car this morning. I hope he thought of all those freezing students as his made through the middle of Bridgeport and saw the snow covered sidewalks.

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2 Responses to “Selfish Frozen Minds Of The School District”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Feb. 11, 2008

    Um…my school never closed when it was too cold and guess what? I’m still alive. Stop spoon feeding your kids and suck it up.

  2. Chad & Stacey says:

    Feb. 11, 2008

    Yes, you may still be alive, but let’s ask parents from around the world if anyone has ever lost a child to the cold or any other situation. You might feel differently, you might not think it is cold, but just ask the children who had to walk in it today. They are still kids, I don’t agree with babying them, but safety is another issue. Ask my kids if they were ever spoon feed, I bet they would disagree with you. I consider spoon fed being getting whatever they want without consequence, which is not what goes on around here.

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