Spreading Racism and Hate

Posted by: Fri, May 16, 2008

I set out to write an article about racism against “White American”. This issue has been eating away at me since the recent comments made public from Jeremiah Wright. In search of other opinions I kept running into one name that stood out Michelle Obama.

Not only did I find her tone racist, but very Anti-American. Yes, she is an accomplished professional, but a bitter one. Much of what she has to say mimic’s Reverend Wright just in a less callous way.

This article will now focus on the stomach turning remarks from the “Next Possible First Lady”.

Most of you remember the comment in Wisconsin that Mrs. Obama made

“For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country.”

Everyone makes mistakes so I gave her the benefit of the doubt, strike one. Maybe she just wasn’t thinking about all the wonderful accomplishment that our country has made over the years.

The Jeremiah Wright comments were released shortly after that. These were some of the most Anti-American remarks our country has heard and they came from the Obama’s Pastor. Hummm…Ok I will give the benefit of the doubt one more time, strike two.

Although in the back of my mind I kept the thought…… How could someone know a person for over 20 years, ask for their advice, but not agree with at least some of their beliefs? The Obama’s gave $22,500 in one year to the church that they “don’t” share the views of the pastor.

Then I find an article about Michelle spewing garbage about how America tried to hold her back as a child. She even goes as far as saying she was “set up” by America to not succeed. This was due to her poor performance on standardized tests that made it hard for her to attend Princeton. Michelle did end up getting into Princeton despite her low test scores because someone in America seen the potential within her. Although, according to Michelle she did it on her own with no help from anyone.

Below are some comments from Michelle Obama posted in an article in The New Yorker.

At a church in South Carolina she states:

“On behalf of my church home and my pastor, Reverend Wright, I bring greetings.”

Hmmmm…greetings from a person she supposedly does not agree with.

A comment made by Michelle to a co-worker when meeting Barrack for the first time:

“I figured that they were just impressed with any black man with a suit and a job,”

Another comment:

“What minority communities go through still represents the challenges, the legacies, of oppression and racism. You know, when you have cultures who feel like second-class citizens at some level . . . there’s this natural feeling within the community that we’re not good enough . . . we can’t be as smart as or as prepared—and it’s that internal struggle that is always the battle.”

A statement from Michelle after the Wisconsin primary:

“Black voters will wake up and get it.”

Three strikes and your out Michelle Obama.

I am not saying that Mrs. Obama is racist against whites….but it is hard to ignore the comments she makes and her affiliation with Jeremiah Wright.

So why does the black community feel the “white” people owe them something? As far as I know it was the “white” men that fought for the freedom of the slaves plus my ancestors were not in America until after the Civil War. I am not a prejudice person I do not judge black or white.

I understand that black Americans feel like we are holding them back, but in reality there are more programs helping Black Americans than White Americans thanks to Affirmative Action. A young black person would be considered for college or a job because they are black. Our white sons will get consideration based on their merits. Where does that leave us? Why are there “special rules” based on gender and race? That itself is racist.

Statistically the majority of black people have a harder time in life. Whether it is lower income, living in bad areas, or a higher crime rate it all statistically points to the black community. Does that mean that we should judge black people by that? NEVER! It means that they should stop blaming the white people and take pride in themselves.

Listen to Bill Cosby’s message: “You are the only one who can change your life, do not lay the blame on someone else.”

The bottom line is there are white people that are prejudice, but most of us have grown up and realized that it is individuals that cause their own problems, not just black people. We should treat each other as fellow human beings because we all have to live in the same world together.

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9 Responses to “Spreading Racism and Hate”

  1. Jeremiah Wright » Spreading Racism and Hate says:

    May. 16, 2008

    […] Chad & Stacey wrote an interesting post today on Spreading Racism and HateHere’s a quick excerptThe Jeremiah Wright comments were released shortly after that. These were some of the most Anti-American remarks our country has heard and they came from the Obama’s Pastor. Hummm…Ok I will give the benefit of the doubt one more time, … […]

  2. choppa says:

    May. 16, 2008

    Your view of people is sadly a very dispositional one. As a white person (i assume). Do you have any idea what it truly is to be black in this country? Let alone an immigrant or a foreigner. While i do agree that people can change their social status working hard enough. There is a sense of discontent, not because it’s hard. It is due to the fact no matter how hard black people work, they’ll always will feel left out in a white “majority”(our culture always avoid for our thinking to go global). There was an experiment, with a group of young black girls who were asked “which doll is “prettier”?” Most surprisingly the majority of the little black girls answered the white one. This disconnection of who they are, and what SOCIETY wants them to be, it’s a very powerful harmful element. So next time you want to judge a person of another “race” and what their opinion “signifies”. Then truly think about their past, their present, and their future. Michelle Obama seems like a very charismatic and intelligent woman. Just because she is married to a senator, that does not force her to have BLIND patriotism. If i may add, as much as i love this country myself (i’m foreign-born but resident), i have been pretty disappointed in the direction of the country and its people. So i shall remind you again, that as much patriotism as you may have. We aren’t always “We the People”.

  3. unknown says:

    May. 17, 2008

    I as a white woman. don’t look at any person white black green yellow. i just don’t care. there are alot of white people that are pretty bad. in every race there are going to be alot of good and alot of bad. one apple don’t spoil the hold bucket. i do not know what it is to be black. that is why you don’t judge. we all have red blood. we all bleed the same and we all have feelings. and as far as michelle abama i think she is a lady that is going to tell it like it is. if we agree or not.

  4. Chad & Stacey says:

    May. 19, 2008


    I appreciate your opinion, I was hoping that someone would comment on the “other” side of this discussion. My view is solely based on the feeling I get when I hear anyone (white, black, brown or yellow) speak like someone owes them something because they are of a different color.

    I am in no way saying that people should conform to the white culture. I am saying that they need to take responsibility for themselves and embrace the opportunities available for all Americans. If your culture is different by all means teach it to your children, they have a right to their heritage. It is different when you teach your children to judge and feel sorry for themselves because they are different.


    I agree with you and in no way am I judging, I am simply stating the way I feel.

    I did not say Michelle Obama was a racist, I was saying that the underlying tone she seems to display is one of disappointment and resentment. We are not endorsing any candidate for president. As voters we should explore the true personality of each candidate and their families. We took George W. Bush in on his father’s merits and look where that got us.

  5. Lyn says:

    May. 19, 2008

    I appreciate the assessment of Michelle Obama. She and others like her are real hypocrites. I was disappointed in the consideration given to blacks as human beings. But to each his own opinion.

    I do want to make a point. I don’t agree that statistically blacks have a harder life. They don’t. Look at them when you see them in public. Most blacks are happy. They receive government assistance and they benefit from lowered standards in schools, universities, and the workplace. And blacks don’t usually pay any consequences for their actions. Oh a few black criminals get arrested, but most blacks spend their entire lives committing property and violent crimes. Not every day, but they do it throughout their lives. And blacks don’t pay any consequences for irresponsible acts like having kids they can’t afford. Blacks do this ususally from the 10th grade onward. And they profit from it at the expense of the rest of society.

  6. unknown says:

    May. 19, 2008

    dear lyn. you have to be joking!!!!!! your point is all wrong. do you not know any white people on any assistance. i do there are alot more than what you think. your talk about racist!!! what earth are you from. and yes incase your wondering i am white. i do not know no one that is black in color or do i live in a area that has any black in colors but i sure would not have a problem with it. or sorry i do one is a judge. but i do not know him. he must of got assistance and free schooling to get where he is at today. those are not my words.

  7. Kelly says:

    May. 20, 2008

    I worked seven years at a warehouse where I was one of only 5 white people working in the entire warehouse of 100 employees. The rest were black people. I got to be friends with pretty much all of them. They treated me with respect and vice versa. From time to time, I asked them questions about racial issues and received honest answers. You know what’s weird, and they even admit that it’s wrong, when it comes to discussing what they prefer in a mate or lusting after a certain celebrity, they always chose the girl or guy with lighter skin. In fact, the lighter the better. I joked with them, time to time, about this and would say things like, “Isn’t that kinda racist?” Most would say, “Yeah, it is.” Plus, they would call each other the N word all the time, too, and other derogatory remarks. It’s odd how many black people are discriminatory with each other. I would tell them that and they would agree.

  8. Andi says:

    Jul. 25, 2008

    I want to say something. I, as a white person, could easily parade around and say “I’m a minority” because my ancestors were gassed and burned alive in the Holocaust. What about us Jewish folks? Also, what about my Irish and English ancestors who were slaves and servants that ended 200 years ago?? My 8th great grandparents were Irish slaves forced to build fences and bridges all over the state of Kentucky. And do we or anyone else bitch about it??? NO Because I AM NOT A SLAVE MYSELF. So quit whining about how you’ve been mistreated: whether you’re white, black, hispanic, asian, german, irish, english. The world is a MUCH MUCH better place with way better opporunities than it was for our ancestors. I bet you: If our ancestors came back from the gave and saw how everyone’s whining about “me me me!” they’d have a sh*t fit! But did our ancestors ever complain about how they’d been mistreated back in the day?? NO because they knew they had to put food on the damn table to feed their families. We should be so lucky to know we can have cars, food, luxery homes, trendy clothing, and new shoes every so often. So stop bitching about how bad you all have it and START LIVING for the moment.

  9. wanda says:

    Nov. 10, 2008

    Well well I guest everyone is mad as hell now that Michelle Obama will be living in the white house, and what about all the comments you all have made about us, get over it,just like we had to do for the past 2008 years.when king said we shell over come, we are HERE

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