The Boss From Hell

Posted by: Mon, Dec 10, 2007
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  We have all had them at one point in time, the boss from hell. You give him one hundred and ten percent for years and when the pressure is on he stabs you in the back. This particular boss also likes to throw things, smash things, and bang his head against hard objects. It is tough to get through a stressful day when your boss totally blows up at the tiniest problem. Life is full of problems GET OVER IT!
Boiled Over about the boss
   This job I am on now is the last straw, I just can’t take it anymore. After putting in over seven hard years with this company, I have been demoted with a pay cut. The reason why….I am the only certified welder on the job, which means I am the only person qualified to weld the decking. I don’t mind doing that, but the pay scale changes with deck, which means I am making six dollars an hour less than I was before and less than the guys on the ground twisting bolts. Why should I be penalized for having a certification that obviously no one else on the jobsite has and at the worst time of year possible? The boss looks at it this way he is saving the company money, but he is taking food out of my family’s mouth, and money from my benefits. This boss has brought in men from the union hall to take my place and the place of my fellow union brothers. Loyalty to a company and hard work used to mean something. Now it seems that the employee is just a number and it’s all about saving the company money. Well if it wasn’t for us “numbers” the company would never make the money to save.

  So many big businesses out there forget about the little guy that helps their company run on a daily basis, now it is overflowing into our unions who are supposed be there to protect the worker. Where will it stop? If the money makers of this country realized that helping the average everyday American helps them as well this country would not be in the economic downfall it is in.

  We all want to tell that boss from hell to “Take This Job and Shove It”! Until then, I need the paycheck. We will see what he  blow’s up about today. Maybe I should tell him to save the company some money and stop trying to chop down the steel column with a level.

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