The Horrific Morning That Will Never Go Away

Posted by: Sat, Sep 19, 2009
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Chad has started to tweet Boiled Over so he has been going through random posts, tweeting them and making new friends. Well this morning it was my turn to give Twitter a try…

I wantedDustin to give people a sense of what we are all about so of course I went straight to the About Us page. That led me into the posts I wrote about clearing the sidewalks, which are my most passionate posts. As we were looking through a post I wrote in December of 2007 we clicked on a video link I had placed from the local news station. We were surprised that we could still watch it and it had been a while so we did.

The reporter was interviewing a Township board member about businesses not clearing the sidewalks and how it was a reoccurring problem then


“The Accident”


On the video were scenes from the morning our son was killed. There it was right in our face  

Footage of his bike under the SUV

We honestly don’t remember those scenes being in the video or we would prepared ourselves…but it reminds us that even as life moves on that horrific morning will never go away.

The video is a good one, it helped keep at least 50% of the sidewalks clear last year. The Township still doesn’t issue tickets nor do they issue the reminder Mr. Morrison speaks of. This video Bridgeport Businesses Asked to Clear Snow of Sidewalks gives parents like us some type of ammunition against government run institutions that can legally neglect their responsibilities of enforcing codes that can lead to killing kids.

We have many supporters that agree our son would have never been riding his bike in the road if he had a clear sidewalk to travel on…

The Township won’t admit their mistake and they won’t enforce the code. They have spit in our face and in the face of any parent that has lost a child due to the same circumstances. Just because they’re “the government” it doesn’t give them the right to neglect public safety due to the cost of issuing a ticket which actually brings in revenue.

It gets worse…The State Police Post on the side of the road where our son was hit by the car… Well lest just say that we had to call the Township Supervisor last year because they were not shoveling their sidewalks. Every year on the anniversary at the time of Dustin’s accident a group of us go to the cross on the side of the road and light a candle as a tribute to his memory. Last year there was 10 inches of snow across the sidewalk leading to his cross.

So even the State Government could give a shit about the safety of kids riding their bikes to school. That Really Makes Me Boil Over!

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One Response to “The Horrific Morning That Will Never Go Away”

  1. Ash says:

    Oct. 2, 2009

    The funny thing is I watched that video about a week ago it is crazy how much that still bothers us. Honestly I have to say when I watched the news the afternoon of the accident I really don’t remember much because the whole day I was overwhelmed with emotion. When I came across it the other night I knew I shouldn’t have watched it or even looked at it but I had to. When I read the story everything from that day came back. It was like a flash back that you see in a movie. I think I was even more upset about it now than I was then in the anger aspect of it all because now I now I have a better understanding of it all. It could be that my head is clear to see the bigger picture or that I am older and more mature but who knows. All I know is I miss him and I wonder every day what if…

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