The School Bully

Posted by: Mon, Nov 26, 2007
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The elementary school in our district has been educating the children about bullying. My gripe is today when my son came home from high school, he complained about one of the kids taunting and bullying him. Well if the district is so focused on stopping the bullying why do they not have a system in place for these kids to report it. Yes, you can go to the office or tell an adult, but both kids are brought into the room together to discuss “their problems”. In a normal adult world this may work, but with teenagers or younger children it may have the reverse effect, like more bullying from not just the one student but others claiming “they are a baby”. I know because we have been down this road before. The schools should put some type of anonymous system in place for students to report bullying without giving their name. When the same student keeps getting complaints this should send a red flag to the staff that this particular student needs to be watched or disciplined. I understand that the schools are already under staffed, but you are talking about the safety of our children. Cases like Columbine happen when kids just can’t take it anymore, yes the schools have taken “safety” precautions, but they have not helped the underlying problem….Bullying.

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One Response to “The School Bully”

  1. Computer Articles says:

    May. 10, 2008

    Great post – we have something like this in my kids school. It seems to work well and doesn’t let the “bully” know who has “told” on him thereby making it easier for kids to report those that are not acting in a nice way with the other kids. Thankfully we havenot had many bullies actually reported so maybe they are also thinking twice too!

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