Top Selling American Car is a Cherry Red Sports Car

Posted by: Mon, Jun 8, 2009
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Top Selling American CarBelieve it or not Little Tykes has beat out the US automakers to produce America’s top selling car in 2008! Yep, the Cozy Coupe, a toddler’s favorite plastic cherry-red sports car sold 457,000 units beating even the Toyota Camry.

On Saturday the Cozy Coupe earned it place in America’s history at the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum which will feature the first Cozy Coupes made in 1979. Selling over 10 million units in 30 years, it is the top 20 best selling models of all time.

So next time your in line for a micro cherry red sports car that gets great gas mileage with a lot of exercise, visit your local Toys R Us.

Kudos to Little Tykes for doing something great for the American childhood!

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One Response to “Top Selling American Car is a Cherry Red Sports Car”

  1. unknown says:

    Jun. 8, 2009

    that is funny… sad but funny at the same time..

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