TXU Energy Overcharged me and won’t correct it Dallas, Texas

Posted by: Fri, Jun 3, 2011
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I started my service with TXU Energy in Jan of 2011 when I moved to the Houston TX area. I was not even in the house for 6 days of the billing cycle. We didn’t have the air, heat or any unusual amount of appliances going etc. They charged me over $300 for my first bill and said that I used almost 3000 kwh of electricity. This is NOT possible. I called to find out what was going on and got the run around and was advised that they would call me back to have someone look at the meter but that there wouldn’t be much they could do until I had more bills to compare it to.

I paid my bill and continue to pay them. I NEVER got that call. Well now that I have had more bills for them to compare the first to, I have had the ac running 24/7 for the last 2 months, and my electric bill hasn’t even come close to that first reading. For the month of March it was 1300 kwh, April was 1500 kwh, and my most current bill is just under 200 kwh. So I called again over a week ago was transferred a bunch of times and was promised a call back to get this resolved after threatening to do what I am doing now along with contacting the BBB and the local news.

Again, I never got that call back. So, I called today spent almost an hour on the phone and was again transferred a few times and finally got to Ruth 79223 in the office of the CEO (a fancy title to hopefully shut me up and think they are going to help me) and she tried to tell me that it was very cold in Jan and that is probably why my bill was so high. I then explained to her that I didn’t even move into the house until Jan 27th. She then said she was going to contact the people who read the meter and have them advise her what to do and call me back.

She has since called me back (a first!) and advised that there is nothing they can do and it has to be due to the cold weather that Houston had for a week in Jan. I am horrified by this. I guess they think I am just some dumb consumer who is just going to pay the bill no matter what the amount well they are WRONG I read my bills and pay attention. They have ripped me off and aren’t willing to do the right thing and admit their mistake and I can’t understand this. It is infuriating. I am also going to file on the BBB website and contact the local news. Thank goodness I didn’t sign a contract with them because I will also be getting my electric service thru another provider.

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