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Posted by: Thu, Dec 20, 2007

Well it has been less than a week since I posted about the sidewalks, and we have another 10 inches of snow! Still the same businesses refuse to shovel even The Michigan State Police. A trustee of the township board, Mr. Frank Morrison has tried to initiate the clearing of the sidewalks. He brought it up at the board meeting on Tuesday and said the members were concerned. Maybe Mr. Morrison has more pull than I do, but the result is the same…..place a sign in front of the fire department stating that it is the property owner’s responsibility to clear their sidewalks. We have been there done that last year and it resulted in nothing changing!
Snowy Sidewalks
The Saginaw News ran a story yesterday Lax Property Owners Anger Bridgeport Officials. The problem is that it is angering the township trustees not the township manager!

Frank Morrison and Richard Fisher were quoted saying

We had sidewalks installed (on Dixie) from Kroger to the fire station,” Morrison said. “Now, is anyone going to clean them so people can use them?” A few Dixie property owners have cleared their walks, he said.
The others are creating a hazardous situation for pedestrians and drivers.
“I went out the other morning, and there were a couple of kids walking on the Dixie,” Morrison said.
Trustee Richard Fisher said he saw people walking on Dixie early Tuesday night as well.
“We should either make those property owners comply (with township snow removal ordinances) or we should do it ourselves and charge them before someone gets killed,” Morrison said.


But then Mr. Richard Dunnill screwed it all up by stating

Township Manager Richard Dunnill said firefighters will post a reminder on the sign outside the fire station, and the township Web site also will have a note reminding residents of their snow removal responsibilities.

Thanks Mr. Dunill that will help!

The local news station also did a piece on the sidewalk issue yesterday and the reminded the community that our son was killed along that section of Dixie Highway because of the sidewalks. Click Here to read the article and view the video. This angered me even more because when I watched the news clip they showed scenes from our son’s accident, scenes in which I had not seen before, it was horrifying.
I just can’t take this government bullshit anymore, at the end of the news clip they stated that it was not likely that the township would issue citations for the defiance of the ordinance! Are you kidding me, they will issue me a citation in the spring if I have a broken down car in my driveway, but not for clearing the sidewalk which kills people!

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