We Are Going on Vacation: Let Them Starve

Posted by: Sun, Mar 28, 2010
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Boiled Over Unemployment RantSo obviously our government has a huge set of blinders on or they simply just don’t care. It seems that Congress has decided to go on vacation for Easter instead of hashing out a plan for the temporary extension for unemployment benefits. That means as of April 5th people that have been out of work more than 6 months will temporarily lose their benefits plus people with new jobless claims will not be able to apply for the health insurance subsides (great health care reform). This will affect many middle class American families like ours who are receiving an unemployment check on emergency extended time.

Did they not think about the consequences to those of us who are receiving these benefits that equal a quarter of our normal wages? They have a paycheck to go home to, food on the table, a nice comfy house that isn’t being taken back from the bank, they simply have no clue.

Families are scraping by barely making ends meet and they are going to temporarily stop what little money they have coming because they can’t “find” the money to pay for it. Well maybe if they actually looked at reality and seen the truth things might go in the right direction for once.

Fact: Collecting the maximum unemployment benefits in the State of Michigan will give you approximately $19,800 a year….Wow that’s under federal poverty level for the average American family!

Fact: In February Michigan’s unemployment rate was at 7% and people were getting nervous…As of February 2010 the rate is now doubled, sitting at 14.1%

It was Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., that stopped the measure from being passed. He much like Sen. Jim Bunning, R-Ky last month, wants to know where the money will come from to pay for this without adding to the nation’s $12.7 trillion debt.

Well I have a couple of suggestions…

For one, we are the people that make this country run. Without the hard working middle class the “rich guys” wouldn’t be rich…how would they like to go build their own cars or pack their own products.

For two, Obama just request from Congress this week for $2.8 million dollars to help Haiti. Excuse me Mr. Obama we have to feed our kids too, find another way to help Haiti. Request that $2.8 million be placed to help with the unemployment extensions.

This is what Sen. John Kerry , D- Mass. , the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee , had to say:

“It’s a non-negotiable measurement of how the United States responds to a humanitarian emergency,”

I wonder how many of the Americans that are about to lose their only income will feel about that?

This administration is mismanaging our money at the worse possible time. They spout change and new programs to help with job growth, foreclosures and health care but in reality a lot of money is being spent and none of it is working.

For example, this morning I read this quote form an article titled: Obama’s Weatherizing Program Off to Stormy Start

“After a year of crippling delays, President Obama’s $5 billion program to install weather-tight windows and doors has retrofitted a fraction of homes and created far fewer construction jobs than expected.”

The article goes on to say that of the 37 million people in the state of California this program created 84 jobs. ARE YOU KIDDING ME….84 JOBS!

This money could have been spent for unemployment. The issue is keeping companies from moving their work to other countries not creating a new sector of employment. The country has heard many promises from President Obama and yet have I seen one fulfilled. We are much worse off than we were two years ago and many American families are in the same situation we are.

When will they start listening to us, the people they are suppose to be representing instead of doing what they do best, spend money on worthless programs and live the lavish life?

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