WTF Is Up With Gas Prices

Posted by: Sun, Nov 25, 2007

We all have had that day at the pump where you car is on low fuel and your holding out for a price drop. Then you’re hit with it first thing in the morning that HUGE 10 cents a gallon increase. For one, it is still the same gas that was in the HUGE barrels the day before and two Exxon made a 4 Billion dollar profit last quarter and last your PAYCHECK did not increase. Chad commutes at least 180 miles daily the cost of our monthly gas is as much as our house payment and his last raise was less than fifty cents an hour. How will everyone survive, beside the big business and lets not forget our wonderful president who owns a lot of stock in the oil companies.

Everyone is boiled over about his one, so lets here it!

Find your local gas prices here.

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