Angered by Adolescent Violence

Posted by: Thu, Mar 6, 2008
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The number of extremely violent adolescents seems to be a growing trend in our American culture. You read about it almost daily “kids going over the edge” physically harassing people, public shooting sprees, even going as far as killing their own family.

Everyone appears to be outraged about these events, yet no one seems to be mentioning that this is a major issue. These adolescents will be running our country one day soon, it might be a good idea to look into what may be causing this.
child crimes
I am, by no way an expert on any of this, but I do have my opinions. One question we should ask ourselves is,

“How can a child that has been raised by their loving parents, kill them or have them killed?”

This in my eyes is the most horrific crime imaginable especially when the child’s siblings are involved. Some of these violent adolescents are currently incarcerated, why do we not demand some kind of research and testing of their brain functions? I’m no rocket scientist, but last time I checked the brain controls all your functions, including reasoning and conscious. I am not talking about weird electric shock therapy or a simple counseling session. I am talking about hooking up some “great technological equipment” that would help the “experts” see if there is anything different about how their brain actually functions. If we don’t have that kind of technology than shame on us, it should be simple science.

I have read that some experts believe it has to do with violent video games or movies that these kids watch, that desensitize them from violence. Well I would have to say that if parents monitor their children and instill good moral values in them violent movies or video games should not come into play. Basic teaching that killing is wrong, hurting people for no reason is wrong, Simple!

The number of adolescents on mood altering medications is also at a staggering level, maybe the two are linked. Four years ago the doctors were prescribing anti depressant medications to children as young as 7 years old, now they say it should be used with caution in younger people. Why? Because one of the side effects is suicidal thoughts and another is violent mood swings! It gets even worse when the doctors are prescribing all these wonderful new drugs for ADHD and come to find out they also can cause depression and suicidal thoughts. We, ourselves can confirm that all current medications for ADHD caused severe depression, appetite loss, lack of sleep and just plain zombie like in our son for over four years. Maybe this is contributing to the violence among young people?
adolecent violence
I decided to ask my son and two of his friends if they thought there was a problem with young adults and extreme violence. They all answered very quickly a prompt YES. When asked why they thought this may be a problem more now than in earlier decades they stated that

“more “things” are now available to kids.”

After I was briefed that “things” meant drugs and weapons, I failed to agree with them. Weapons have always been available and can even be improvised when needed, we just knew enough not to use them unless necessary to save your life. Drugs have also always been readily available, anyone remember the 60’s (probably not) 🙂 . These drugs do not include the “prescribed” drugs that I mentioned above. As the kids and I continued to talk these teenagers said that it may be due to the parents themselves. They told me that there are a large number of kids at school that have parents that do not care about them or what they do. They said parents should be involved and interested in their child’s life. I explained to them about the 16 year old girl in Texas with a nice Christian family, and she had them all murdered, those parents were obviously involved. The kids then told me that a parent needs to be involved, but not strict, that just causes a child to rebel or “hate” their parents. They agreed that it was hard to be a parent (like they know), but they said it was hard to be a kid too.

I have come to the conclusion that this is a definite problem that our country is facing. As parents and mentors we can instill good moral values in our youth, guide them and make sure that even from a very young age, there are consequences for things you do wrong.

With all the “free” research money available who is “really” concerned?  

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3 Responses to “Angered by Adolescent Violence”

  1. Amanda says:

    Mar. 8, 2008

    I have to comment on this. I do know that parents have to work more, and therefore are away from the home much more than they used to be, however, I do think that some of the problem also lies with the fact that kids are not held accountable for thier actions. Don’t spank your kids, don’t speak to your kids in a way that will cause them to feel bad. Those are all examples of things that we have been told in recent years. Well, in the same instance it seems like kids are getting worse now that we are told to be easier on them or society makes them “protected” from any strong punishment. The laws protect our kids from us, who protects us from them? Then when you do not put controls on your kids and they go on a killing spree, all of a sudden it’s the parents fault? I think kids are getting the easiest ride they have ever gotten, thinking that life should be fair for them and deciding that they run the show. As the kids get worse and they now don’t even have to “sneak” out anymore, they just leave, what are we gonna do about it? Nothing, as the law prevents us from doing anything that may actually “scare” them into listening or disipline that may work. Yes, talking to your kids is important, but sometimes they have to realize that they are not our (the parents) equals like society wants them to believe.

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