Careless Drivers Get Away With Murder

Posted by: Mon, Mar 24, 2008
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So many people lose their lives to careless drivers that literally get away with murder. To be charged with murder you have to knowingly plan to kill another person. When you are behind the wheel of a motor vehicle it is like driving a lethal weapon even at slow speeds it can be deadly to the human body. Anyone that has a driver’s license and has seen a deadly accident knows a vehicle can do tremendous damage. DrivingIf you get behind the wheel of your vehicle and drive recklessly you are knowingly putting your life and other people life at risk. Defensive driving saves lives, you should be aware of everything around you and ahead of you when you drive. It is not always fun to watch for people on the side of the road, or drive the speed limit, you would rather talk on your cell phone, eat your lunch and put on makeup. Next time your in a hurry to get somewhere or get a call on your cell phone think about what would happen in that one split second behind the wheel of your car when everything could go wrong, is it worth it?

You read about tragic car accidents in the news daily, this can be prevented! Drivers must take responsibility behind the wheel. People must realize the consequences of being a careless driver, you always think it won’t happen to you, well it might. Tougher car accident laws are needed, when a person dies in an automobile accident unless there is undoubted proof it was a “freak” criminalaccident or both drivers were responsible then there should no questions about charges being filed. These drivers are responsible for hurting or causing the death of other people. They end up hurting not only the family involved, but also their own family, not to mention the many other people that care about both families.

Many of you may know the driver that was responsible for the death of our son was never charged. She was driving an SUV going 45 MPH, never hit the brakes and he was riding his bike, where is the responsibility here? She gets to continue to drive with no consequence for her actions.

Early last week a careless driver claimed the lives of a father and his 5 year old daughter, two local area residents. They were on their way to school for a day of coloring eggs when their van was hit head on by a U.S. Marshal van. The woman that was driving the U.S. Marshal van was going 55 MPH and ran a stop sign, never hitting the brakes. The van that the father and daughter were in rolled several times and they were ejected, both killed. A witness that was behind this woman says

I was behind the white van when this happened and I’m still in shock over what I saw. the black van never stopped. She was doing at the least 55 or faster when she hit them and never even try to stop there is not even any break marks on the pavement where she even tried to hit her breaks & as you can see in the video there is no sun shining if so I would have had my sunglasses on & I didn’t. I’m still trying too figure out in my mind what she was doing to not see this white van coming ….

The driver of the U.S. Marshal van says that the sun blinded her and that is why she hit the van carrying the father and daughter. This happen about 15 miles from our house and I agree with the witness that the sun was not shining and in the video from the news of the accident scene the sun was not shining. THINK about what she said I didn’t see them because the sun was in my eyes, then why the hell did she not slow down! Why would you continue to drive at 55 MPH when you are “blinded”? At this time the police are saying it is unlikely the driver of the Marshal van will be charged.

It is just not right how careless drivers can get away with murder. The next time you are behind the wheel of your car think about what could happen in a split second and what repercussions it could bring. We can all saves lives by slowing down, paying attention and do not multitask while you are driving, you have a deadly weapon in your hands.

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One Response to “Careless Drivers Get Away With Murder”

  1. unknown says:

    Mar. 24, 2008

    yes yes i totaly agree. we have always wonder why not really get the drinking and driving. get them the hell off the road. we know someone that drive and drive every weekend. he has his lic. taken away a year ago. he just got them back. quess what. yea he got pulled over again. his lawyer said he will get you out of this. i wonder if his children or wife,mother, ect. was on the road that night and got hit. if he would say the say. he know someone that driving drunk and hit a cop car on the side of the road. he got some fines. and drives again this was about 8 yrs ago. and thank god he got a some sense. he no longer drinks. we also know someone that was killed by a drunk driver. nothing happen to him. what is wrong with the right to drive. there put 16yrs out there. parents write everything down as if the kids really drove all the miles. remember mom and dad your other children will be in the car with your 16 sometimes or your mother may be on the road or maybe his or her mother.i do not know if this is just michigan or all states. we know of so many people the drink and drive. there are not frieds just people from a friend of a friend. we even hear of cops, lawyers the list goes on and on. and what is wierd to us we do not even drink. what is it going to take…no one will ever know . cause nothing will ever happen.

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